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Meet Shivangi & Vikram

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Where We Live

We live in San Francisco, California in the sunniest part of the city. It is filled with parks and family friendly!

Favorite Tradition

Cooking for the holidays and watching holiday movies at home with family.

Favorite Activities

Spending time outside with our dog, cheering on our college football teams, and being with family/friends.

Best Vacation

Maui, Hawaii and Santorini, Greece

Favorite Childhood Books

Matilda and Harry Potter

Hi, there! We are the Raos. We are in our early 30s and live in San Francisco, California with our 65 pound golden lab, Anya Nala Rao. We know how important and difficult of a decision this must be for you and we are honored and humbled that you would even consider us. We are excited to share with you a bit more about ourselves and why we want to start our family!

Our Story

We met in 2011 in Washington, DC through a non-profit organization we both volunteered for. Our passion for helping our communities allowed us to form a friendship.

Over the years, our friendship evolved into a passionate, deep, and respectful love. In 2015, we started dating. We spent the first year of our relationship in Washington, DC and then took our love (and our dog) bi-coastal to California in 2016.

Within months of sharing a home together in San Francisco, we got engaged. A year later, we got married in front of our closest family and friends. We are enjoying marriage and looking forward to becoming parents!

We live a half hour away from Shivangi’s brother and sister-in-law and their 1-yr old son, Vihaan. We enjoy spending time with him nearly every weekend.


About Shivangi, by Vikram

Shivangi was raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan with a strong and diverse community of friends and family. Her entire family has migrated to the west coast over the years. Her parents currently live in Southern California, and her brother lives in the Bay Area with his wife. They recently had a baby boy, and she loves being an aunt! Shivangi has received so much love, acceptance, and security from her family, and can’t wait to provide that to her future children.

Outside of her fulltime career as a healthcare professional, Shivangi has a passion for cooking and loves how food brings people together. She loves to host family dinners and create colorful food using natural and healthy ingredients. She has made her passion into a small business as a food blogger. She hopes to help others find their way to optimal health through her recipes and lifestyle.

Shivangi believes in finding balance between work and life so she can spend time with her friends and family. In her spare time, Shivangi practices yoga, paints, spends time with her family and friends, and walks outside with the dog.

About Vikram, by Shivangi

Vikram was raised in a family of four in a small and humble town in Ohio. He has one younger brother who lives with his partner in New Orleans, and his parents still live in the home he grew up in. Vikram grew up playing baseball, participating in school plays, and singing classical Indian music. Vikram wants nothing more than to pass down the values he was given from his parents including humility, education, and family to his future children.

Vikram is a very ambitious and goal oriented person. He works in Finance full-time and enjoys baking beautiful loaves of bread and playing golf in his spare time. He also loves speaking Spanish with his friends in the local community.

Vikram believes in creating a strong community wherever life takes him. His friends and family mean the world to him, and he has kept in touch with friends since he was in elementary school. Vikram has also created a close-knit group of friends and relatives in the Bay Area.

Our Home

We live in San Francisco, California in the sunny neighborhood of Potrero Hill. This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city that sits atop a hill. It is filled with beautiful kid-friendly parks, classic homes, and is very family oriented. There are new shops and restaurants opening all around us.

We live with our 65 pound rescue dog named Anya Nala Rao. She is a golden lab mix and the most loving, playful, and sweet dog we’ve ever met (we may be biased). She is wonderful around our friends’ kids whenever they come over.

Shivangi loves to cook. When she’s not at work, she’s frequently hosting dinner parties and game nights with friends and family. She also enjoys sitting outside in the backyard drawing or painting, or visiting her local yoga studio to unwind, stretch, and breathe. Vikram can’t wait to see the joy Shivangi will find as a mother.

Vikram loves coming home to Shivangi and Anya and spending time as a family. For fun, he enjoys playing golf, watching football, or spending time with his family & friends. He loves taking care of their dog, and is always on point to give her baths and even cook her food! Shivangi can’t wait to see him be an amazing father.

Our Extended Family

We are very lucky to have a big, loving, respectful, and supportive family who are so excited for us to start a family! Shivangi’s immediate family is mostly in California nearby, with extended family across the country including the Bay Area. Vikram’s immediate family is in Ohio and Louisiana, with extended family also across the country including the Bay Area. We are particularly close to Shivangi’s brother and sister-in-law who live right nearby in Oakland, California. We are excited at the thought of raising our future child near our family, including their future cousin, Vihaan!

Our parents immigrated to this country with very little financial and social support, and created secure and safe homes for us. Thanks to their strong belief in education and hard work, we grew up with the opportunity to receive an education. We will make sure to provide our future children with a solid education and opportunity to achieve their dreams, while teaching them how to be humble and grateful for what we have been given. Most importantly, we will fill our home with joy and laughter.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as potential adoptive parents. We know how important and difficult of a decision this must be for you and we are honored and humbled that you would even consider us. Over the years, Shivangi has known several adoptive parents and adopted children who are her friends. We have both grown up in stable and loving homes, and cherish our memories and identities being raised in the US by first generation parents. Together, we both want to adopt and raise a child with the values, love, and care our parents provided us. We want nothing more than to start a family together and be responsible and loving parents. We are hopeful and excited as we embark on this new chapter in our lives.

We hope we have the chance to meet you soon and learn more about you. This is a big moment for all of us and we are grateful that you may consider us as adoptive parents.

Warmly yours,

Shivangi & Vikram