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Meet Sid & Sarah

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Where We Live

We live in San Francisco near the beach and Golden Gate Park. We love our quiet neighborhood, close to nature.

Favorite Holidays

Christmas! Thanksgiving! We love gathering with friends and family on these holidays.

Happy Places

Our garden, Northern Italy, on the lake with the cousins

Best Vacation

Best vacation- road trip through Europe -new places and getting together with friends and family.

Fun Facts

Sid carries googly eyes everywhere. We both speak a few languages, Sarah rescues cats in our neighborhood.

We’ve been happy, and I mean happily, married for seventeen years now. Our lives, like our marriage, are stable and secure, and we are SO ready to adopt a child. We can’t wait to add a new member to our awesome little club!


My/Our Life

The best thing about our marriage is that we are best friends.

The best part of every day is meeting up with her at home – I still look forward to that after 17 years of marriage! We both really LISTEN to each other and try to put ourselves in the other’s shoes. So when we disagree about something, we aren’t just thinking about our own wants and needs – we genuinely want the other person to be happy too.

Sarah’s not afraid to be a goofball with me.

We’ve got our own sort of little language, full of silly little pet names for each other. She’s my Bug, and I’m her Pickle. Or I’m Lil’ Biscuit and she’s Noodleberry. And so on.

About Sarah

For work, Sarah sells custom rugs and carpets to interior designers.

It’s creative work and I love it.  I am involved with a range of projects that always challenge me. Every day brings something new.

I studied languages in college and went to school in France for a while. We love international travel, poring over the map

as we plan our next trip. I love pointing to a spot on the map and saying to Sid “ Hm. I wonder what it’s like there? Let’s go!”

I created a beautiful garden in our back yard, full of flowers and trees — our little sanctuary in the city.


About Sid

My Nine to Five: I own a high-end residential remodeling company which has let me keep a close connection to my love of carpentry, even though I don’t get to swing a hammer anymore.

All of our employees are first-generation immigrants from Mexico.

I love all things mechanical (cars, motor-bikes, bicycles, etc,) and have ridden motorcycles all over the west coast.

The pride of my garage is my 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Galaxie Skyliner retractable hardtop I inherited from my Dad.

1 I speak decent German, a little Spanish, and have been studying Italian for about a year now.

I  practice Krav Maga, a martial- arts discipline. I LOVE to stick googly eyes on things.  I have flmed some cool scuba- diving videos in Hawaii.  Music loves range from…

Slayer to Ice Cube to The Smiths to Charlie Parker to

Hank Williams.


My/Our Home

We LOVE living in San Francisco!  Our cozy, 3-bedroom, 2 bath house is 5 blocks from the beach and two blocks from Golden Gate Park.  Sarah loves her yoga, so Sid built her a yoga studio!  Sarah rescues feral cats, so Sid has built several “cat condos” in the back yard and set up a bunch of live-feed cameras for her.



My/Our Extended Family

(Sid) I fly home around four times a year to hang out with my Mom, aunt, uncle, half-sister and her family and a boatload of cousins in GA, SC, and NJ.  The GA fam is the most fun, with waterskiing, jet skis and a potato cannon!  My cousins have adopted three transracial kids


(Sarah) My family lives in the Midwest and we are very close and love to make each other laugh.  We still manage my great grandparents’ farm, and I love that connection to my ancestors.  My mom and I talk on the phone several times a week about everything and nothing.



My/Our Wish for You

We are here for you.  Let’s talk.