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Meet Sol & Pablo

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Where We Live

Woodside, CA, forever and ever :)

Favorite Holidays

Christmas & Halloween

Happy Places

The beach and the mountain

Best Vacation

A mix of relax and know new places.
Next vacation: Spain & Portugal.

Fun Facts

Our family dance... everybody dance... including the cat

Hello! We are Pablo & Sol. We are a young couple (35) with a 9-year-old boy. For the last 14+ years, we have been joyfully in love. We are thrilled to make our family bigger 🙂

We are from Argentina, but since 2014 we’ve lived in CA. Our future is here.

Our promise is raising your baby surrounded by love and laughter. Your decision would give us the greatest gift imaginable.

We appreciate the time you are taking to learn about us. <3

Know More About Pablo y Sol

We are in our 30’s, Sol is a part-time college instructor and part-time stay-at-home mom, and Pablo is a computer scientist. Both have a flexible schedule to dedicate to a new baby. We have a 9-year-old son, Matias, and we are excited to expand our family through open adoption.

We are curious and creative minds, and we have a special appreciation for science, art, and nature. We are very active people. We have plans for every weekend doing things like picking veggies in nearby farms to creating comic books with Matias.

Both of us come from medium-sized families. We each have 2 siblings and several cousins. We have tons nieces, nephews and close relatives. We want the same in our home, a home filled with more noise and laughter.

Most of our family members live in Argentina, and we visit them about every other year. We regularly host visitors (friends and relatives) from there too, so we have regular contact with our Argentinian traditions. Since we both speak Spanish and English fluently, we have raised Matias, and we want to raise our second child, to be bilingual.

Meet Sol by Pablo

Sol is a loving and dedicated mother. After earning a Ph.D. in Chemistry, she decided to put her career on standby to take care of Matias and to embrace full-time parenting.

Now, she is a part-time instructor at a community college and a part-time stay-at-home mom, dedicated to the well-being of our family. She makes us feel cared for and loved, and no detail is left behind: nutrition, activities, gardening, and playdates, she graciously handles them all.

Sol is versatile. She loves to cook, especially pastries, so every birthday in our family is celebrated with a home-baked, decorated cake.

She thrives learning new subjects; for example, she is currently taking an online course certification en genetics. Sol is an always available well of knowledge, ready to tap into, that our children benefit from every day.

She is also always prepared to help others. She volunteers tutoring Spanish-speaking Hispanic children in our community and helps other to educate them on the value of composting.

Meet Pablo by Sol

Pablo is a playful and inspirational father. It doesn’t matter how hard his day at work was, he always has time and energy for his family.

He loves to play soccer and basketball with Matias. Whether a quick game at home or at a nearby park, Matias and Daddy can often be found close to a soccer ball.

Pablo is full of surprises. He is the musician of the house. During the holidays he plays Christmas Carols on his flute while we sing along.

Pablo is a computer scientist, and after successfully running and selling his first startup, he is going for the second one. His job provides multiple family benefits: excellent health insurance, parental leave, and a flexible schedule, all available when our new baby arrives.

Our Day-to-Day Life

We spend a lot of time together as a family, and at the same time, we love to spend time with neighbors and friends.

We spend the day between after-school activities and playdates. Our home is like our very own castle; it provides us with refuge, comfort, and always inspirational experiences, all necessary ingredients for a child to thrive. We love to invite friends at home and share quality time.

During weekends, we enjoy being outdoors, and our first outdoor place is our backyard. Surrounded by beautiful redwoods and pines, we live in a wonderful environment for raising children. Every day at home includes a hefty dose of garden time; we play, cook, and eat in the backyard.

While Sol is tending to the next batch of roses in our garden, and Pablo is preparing the barbecue; Matias and his friends run and play along with the trees. We are so excited to add a new baby to this picture, laughing and messing around with his or her older brother.

More Fun Family Activities

All of us have been Scouts, so to be in tune with nature is part our regular activities. We love going to the beach, camping, and hiking. Nearby National Parks are an excellent option for us to spend weekends.

When the weather requires us to stay indoors, we switch to other activities like hanging out with friends, going to children’s museums, a theater, or the planetarium. At home we play board games or video games, Lego Dimensions is the current favorite.

Traveling is how we experience new cultures and improve our understanding of others. One wonderful perk the Bay Area offers is having friends from all around the world visit us. We visit their countries too and spend time there as “locals,” enjoying their activities, social meetings, and food. We cannot wait to have a second child to show him/her the world and all the good and kindness in it.

Our Neighborhood

Our neighborhood is safe and child-friendly. There are several babies and small children on the block. One of the advantages of living in a small town is that we have a great community. We spend time together every month, plus birthdays and holidays. They are an essential part of our lives.

We are part of Portola Valley, the local park gives us a safe and wonderful place to make new friends and enjoy the sun and nature, and the library is just next door! We visit the library at least twice a week during school time, we enjoy the events for kids like movie night, crafts, and the LEGO club.

What Education Means for Us

There are many facets to a person and, though we value academic education and find that it is vital to one’s future, we also believe in motivating and supporting our children in all ways.

As highly-educated parents, we support Matias’s homework, but we believe that the learning process doesn’t start nor end in school, and it must be highly encouraged at all times.

As Scout Leaders, we lead large groups of kids, teaching them experientially and positively, where the activities and knowledge are desired and embraced by the kids.

In the same way, we guide Matias and will guide our second child, to embrace and enjoy the thrill of learning. And we will be so proud on the day our children see the fruit of their efforts, either graduating from college or wherever else they choose to do.

We are part of the Portola Valley School District, one of the best in the country, and it has countless valuable programs, like a Spanish immersion program, which is important for us as a bilingual family.

What Open Adoption Means to Us

We found that we have a propensity to pass on a genetic disorder that could affect a second biological child, so we have chosen to adopt.

We both have close friends that were adopted, in Argentina and in the U.S. In all of their adoptions, they were placed in a closed adoption. They still feel today that they need to know their history, their past. This made us realize that an open adoption is the best way to expand our family, not to mention the best choice for our child-to-be.

We promise to always keep an honest and clear dialog with our child about their origin, and we look forward to engaging in a relationship with you if so you decide. The idea is simple; we want to keep in touch and share this experience with you as much as you feel comfortable, and we are open to sit down and talk it over with you.

Estamos felices y llenos de esperanza con la idea de un nuevo integrante en nuestra familia.

Hopes and Dreams

We cannot wait to grow our family. We imagine our house with two children, growing and playing together, supporting each other, and being accomplices in innocent playful mischief. We believe in the importance of having siblings because they are the longest lasting friends in life.

Our plan for taking care of our second child is to follow some of the recipes we used with our first child, Matias, plus improvements that we have learned in this journey called parenting.

It all boils down to raising this new family member in the love of our home. Offering time, compassion, and dedication, plus a big brother and the most priceless baby monitor, our cat Rodolfo.

It is our hope that our children will pursue their dreams, with all the encouragement and help we can provide, to help them meet their goals and to obtain the satisfaction of having a lifestyle tied to whatever they like to do best.

Just Be Happy!


We hope this letter shows you that we approach parenting the way we approach life, our goal is to ensure our children get as much out of life as we do.

Please let us know if you think we would be a good match for you and your baby. We look forward to hearing from you and to say thank you once again in person.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have, please contact Adoption Connection by calling or texting 415 355 4636.

We cannot wait to grow our family, welcoming a new child into our hearts to help him or her grow happy and secure.

Your baby will always know you and know that it was because you loved him or her so much that you chose us to be parents.