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Meet Stéphane + Marie


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Hi, I'm Marie

I am 31 years old, I am passionate about travel, reading and discovering new cultures

Hi, I'm Stéphane

I am 32 years old and work as an engineer even if I started my career as cello player and teacher

Where we live

In a beautiful victorian house in Bernal Heights, San Francisco

Languages spoken

French and English (and learned and forgot most of Spanish and Italian)

How we met

Dancing: a fun and mandatory class in our Engineering studies

Hello! Bonjour! We are Marie and Stéphane, a French couple who fell in love with San Francisco, where we live, as the perfect place to start our family. We’re 31 and 32 and we love traveling, music, cooking and sharing laughs with friends and family.  Thanks for considering being part of our journey!

Our Story

We met in Toulouse, France at 22 & 23 years old during rock & salsa lessons.

Our dancing skills never got even good but we laughed a lot and have been inseparable since then & got married in 2016.

Traveling the world together, sharing good laughs and time with friends & family is what we live for.

Marie, by Stéphane

I am always impressed by the connection that Marie immediately creates with every child she meets. She has this special energy that brings smiles to their faces.

Marie is the best friend you would love to have. She is the right person to turn to when it comes to big decisions in your life.

She has this gift of listening to you and finding the right words to give you a pragmatic solution in no time.

I noticed this strength since our first conversations 10 years ago and I thank heaven every morning for having her in my life.

Marie will be a wonderful mother and she will make our child feel the most loved, special and empowered, helping him/her overcome any obstacle.

Her 3 godsons/goddaughter are always running into her arms and you can see (including in these few pictures) their smiles every time she opens her arms to them, play with or tickle them.

Stéphane, by Marie

Stéphane has this rare combination of creative and analytical mind. He loves making up fantastic stories for his nieces and nephews in which they are the heroes so they forget why they were sad.

He loves to learn and I’m always impressed about his knowledge on so many different topics and how great he is at sharing it!

He is not the boring old dude teaching; he makes it fun and easy to understand. He helped my brother with his maths exams, taught cello to kids, cooks with his nieces…

He is my strength every day: from the everyday compliments to all the small attentions he has to take care of me and the house better than I do!

I can already see Stéphane cooking, running in the park, playing music, singing and painting together with our child.

I will be so proud to see Stéphane nurture our child’s curiosity for the world, find his/her own passion and help him/her overcome obstacles and struggles.

Our Home & Neighborhood

We live in a 2 bedroom house with a patio in a cute street with Victorian houses.

Our child will have his/her own room we can’t wait to decorate for him/her.

On Sundays, Stéphane will cook crepes for breakfast while Marie enjoy some quality mother/child time playing with our little one.

Bernal Heights, our neighborhood is quiet and very family-friendly. We have our favorite coffee shop, Italian restaurant & a park with an amazing view (and swing) overlooking the city. There are even slides we can’t wait to try with our little one.

Friends & Family

Our friends and family make us stronger.

In addition to sharing our daily life and activities with those around us, we love traveling to visit those abroad and be part of the big steps in their lives and spend time with their children.

Christmas, New Year’s Eve, weddings, new babies or birthdays are always great occasions to reunite with the entire family. It usually involves big meals and laughs, presents and catching up with relatives.

Thank you!

Thanks for taking the time to consider us as a family for the child you will bring to life. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about you!

Marie & Stéphane