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Meet Tim & Motty


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Where We Live

San Francisco, CA


Emergency Room doctor and high school Spanish teacher.

Favorite Holidays

Thanksgiving and Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)

Best Vacation

Visiting Motty's family in New York City

Fun Facts

Among us, we speak Spanish, Russian, and Hebrew and have lived in Israel, Ecuador, Chile, China, and South Korea.

Hi! We are Tim and Motty, and we are looking forward to being dads in beautiful San Francisco.  Motty is an emergency room doctor originally from New York City and Tim is a high school Spanish teacher from Bakersfield, California. We love our life together, but we know that our family is just not yet complete.   We promise that we will provide your child with a home full of love, support, fun, and adventure.

Our Life Together

We both moved to San Francisco in July of 2014.  That month, we met at a street fair when Motty noticed Tim from across the street and asked him for his phone number.  We clicked immediately, and six months later we moved in together and never looked back.  Three years ago we gathered our friends and family in Sonoma for our beautiful outdoor wedding on the Russian River.

Our life together has been filled with countless adventures, trips around the world, and constant laughter.  More importantly, our life is full of simple joys such as neighborhood walks with our dog, Friday night dinners with friends, and watching TV at the end of a long day.

Throughout our relationship, we have always dreamed of growing our family with kids.  We look forward to welcoming a child into our lives.

About Motty, by Tim

Motty is one of the most amazing people you can ever hope to meet.  He is incredibly smart, quick-witted, hard-working, and fun.  On my first date with Motty, he somewhat jokingly said that he bought a Subaru just in case having a family was on the horizon.  I immediately found his mix of humor, emphasis on family, and practicality charming.  Over the next few years, I learned more about what a caring heart Motty has.  He surrounds himself with friends and family, and loves nothing more than to have everyone gathered in our home for a big meal.  Motty also cares passionately about healthcare, and got his Master’s in Business Administration to improve care for his patients.

I’m grateful to be on this adoption journey with Motty because I’m convinced he will make the best dad!  He grew up in a big Russian Jewish family with lots of love and warmth.  He learned from his parents the importance of family first and mutual support.  And as the son of immigrants, he learned the importance of appreciation and respect for other cultures.  These days, Motty loves nothing more than to travel with his nephews and talk to his niece about her time in medical school.

About Tim, by Motty

Tim is going to be a great dad!  His greatest memories are of his childhood when he would decorate the house with his mother and father for family holidays.  During those times, they would teach him valuable lessons about family and love.  Tim demonstrates these lessons through his kindness, caring, and warmth, especially when visiting nieces and nephews for the holidays.  I have no doubt that Tim will bring these lessons with him to fatherhood.

Tim has endless curiosity and a great sense of adventure.  After high school, he was ready to explore the world and moved to South America and Asia. Most recently, Tim took us trekking in Africa to see gorillas!  In addition to being curious, Tim is also a great educator, role model, and counselor. He serves as a mentor for several student groups at his school and his students routinely call him their favorite.


Our Home

We moved into our home two years ago hoping to grow our family in it.  We fell in love with it because it has two bedrooms, a large kitchen where Motty cooks up a storm, and a big backyard where we often have friends and family over on the weekends.

We live on a quiet tree-lined street in Noe Valley, San Francisco.  Noe Valley is also known as “Stroller Valley” because of all the kids here.  It is fantastic for families! Within a few blocks of our home, we have several playgrounds, a library with tons of children’s programming, a weekly farmer’s market with a sing-along for kids, and lots of children’s bookstores and shops.

Beyond our neighborhood in San Francisco,  we take advantage of what this city has to offer.  You can often find us picnicking in the parks, hiking in the hills, or taking road trips along the California coast.  We love the small mom and pop run restaurants throughout the city and have our favorite restaurant for each kind of food.

Our Extended Family

We both come from big families with lots of siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles.  We especially love being uncles to our sixteen nephews, nieces, and godparents to our two goddaughters.

Motty’s family is mostly in New York City and we make it a priority to visit them several times a year for holidays and special occasions.  We have also visited Motty’s brother and his family in Israel, and we are excited to visit them again to meet our youngest niece.

Tim’s family is in Bakersfield, CA, and we are lucky enough to visit them throughout the year.  We get most excited about the Fourth of July and Christmas when the whole family gathers at one house for dinner and games. These events are big, loud, and full of children running around.

We also believe strongly in the concept of a chosen family, and our friends are incredibly important to us.  Your child would be surrounded by love. 

A Message From Our Dog Brutus

Arf!  I’m Brutus and I came into my dads’ lives three years ago.  Since meeting me, my dads have shown me more love than any dog in the world could ever dream of!  In return, I try and cuddle up to them whenever I can.   I love belly rubs, treats, snoring, and snorting (and sometimes I fart).  I especially love children.  I love when they pet me and hug me, and I don’t even mind when they sit on me.  They’re going to be such great and loving dads to a little human!

Our Promise

We promise to keep a home and family that will be full of love, kindness, support, and caring.

We promise to share your child’s story with them and tell them all the love that went into your decision.

Thank you again for taking the time to consider us.