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Meet Ujjayini and Apoorva

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Where We Live

Cupertino, CA - a neighborhood where it's common to see colorful little helmets on kids riding their bikes

Favorite Holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas, heartwarming time of warm lights, baking aromas, games, and food with friends & family

Happy Places

Sipping morning tea in our small backyard, bicycling along Half Moon Bay, or just being cozy night-owls on our sofa

Best Vacation

Snorkeling with turtles in Maui, Hawaii and
'Lord of the Rings' hike in New Zealand

Fun Facts

Undergrad sweethearts

We are Ujjayini and Apoorva, a married couple (in late thirties) living in Cupertino, California. Thank you for taking time to learn about us. We appreciate the deep love and strength behind your decision and would love to get to know you.

Ujjayini is an engineer turned artist, Apoorva is an engineer turned business professional. We have been wanting to be parents for a few years now and are excited about starting a family through open adoption.

Our Story

With deep gratitude we would like to share a glimpse of our life and family here.

We met in 2000, during our undergraduate engineering school. We became friends, hanging out with each other occasionally. Occasional hangouts turned into daily walks and conversations. The bond that started as friendship grew only stronger and fonder over the next 10 years, living through two global financial crises, career changes and long distances (across different continents). We married in 2011 (almost 9 years young now!) and 20 years of being together.

Friendship has been the foundation of our relationship, and we are each other’s best friend. We enjoy cozy indoors (reading, cooking/baking, playing chess and boardgames, or cozying over movies/TV-series with home-cooked popcorn). At the same time, we love the outdoors – hiking, camping, cycling, kayaking and experiencing new countries and cultures. Some of our most beautiful and soulful moments are when we talk about becoming parents and sharing these experiences with a child – nurturing them to grow into a kind person and doing all we can to help them create their own dreams and destiny.

About Ujjayini by Apoorva

Ujjayini is a deeply loving and caring person, with a smile that can melt a thousand hearts. A beautiful mind and a soul of an artist, with a strong sense of spirituality and of purpose. She is fearless, open minded, and selfless with a big heart. She will be a wonderful parent – instilling all the qualities that make her special, in a child too.

What also drew me to Ujjayini is her adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors. Her childhood trips to the Himalayas seeded a travel bug that has inspired both of us to experience the world, traveling over 30 countries together. Some of my fondest memories traveling with Ujjayini include, seeing Northern Lights in Iceland, swimming with dolphins in New Zealand, snorkeling with turtles in Hawaii, kayaking in Cozumel, Mexico, hiking the snow-covered Swiss Alps.

Background – Ujjayini grew up in a quaint town of Ranchi in India. She studied engineering as a national scholar and earned an MBA too.  After 12 yrs of corporate career, she’s now pursuing social activism through art. Some of her work includes charity exhibitions in Hartford, CT,  Open Art House in London – UK and  portrait commissions to fundraise for Covid relief work in CA.

About Apoorva by Ujjayini

Apoorva and I met during our undergraduate years in engineering school in 2000. What drew me to him was how he made me laugh.  Apoorva is my safe harbor;  whenever I am having a bad day I know that I can pour it all out to him and he will show me the good side of the story and I will feel better instantly. I have seen he is that way not just with me – friends and extended family too approach Apoorva knowing that in him they will have a trusted and kind friend.

He cares deeply for family and friends and will never hesitate to go out of his way to help. He puts a lot of thought and caring into anything he does – in the garden, around the house, preparing a dish, planning an outdoor excursion, or photographing birds in our backyard. Apoorva will make a wonderful father instilling these qualities in our kid.

As a way of a quick background – Apoorva grew up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. His passion for education and technology has taken him all over the world (double Masters from Oxford, UK and MIT, US.). Having worked 10 years in Europe, he is now working in a very global organization in the Bay Area, California.

Our Home

We live in Cupertino (home to Apple!). It is a beautiful spacious neighborhood with lots of open spaces, trees, playgrounds and community spaces. Ours in a spacious 2 bed 2 bath townhome, with a small backyard. Pictures of family and friends adorn our walls, and assorted wooden crates shelter our books and boardgames. Inside our typical day, you’ll find Ujjayini painting or sculpting in her makeshift studio space carved out of of the living room, Apoorva testing his gardening skills in the backyard, both of us taking turns to cook delicious meals, dueling at a game of chess and cozying up on our comfortable couch to watch our favorite drama series.

Outside, neighbors are mostly young families with toddlers and working professionals.

Cupertino is a quiet, safe and leafy town, with some of the best primary and middle schools – an ideal place to start a family and bring up kids. Our favorite local get-outs include reading at Cupertino library, morning runs at Ortega Park and watching Shakespeare in Memorial Park, all within a mile from our home. For gorgeous sunsets, we drive 5 minutes more to be amidst local wineries and foothills of Santa Cruz hills.

Our Family and Friends

Family is integral to our lives. They have always been around us to support us in both celebration and sorrow. While some of our extended family live in India too, in the US, we have immediate family in Seattle, Salt Lake City, and extended family of cousins in New York, Florida and here in Oakland, Bay area, – all of whom we regularly visit.

Ujjayini’s sister’s family is in Seattle. A child will have two lovely little cousins to play with (Ujjayini’s sister and her partner have two little ones – our nephew is 4 years and niece just turned 5 months!)

Apoorva’s brother recently moved to Salt Lake City from Boston. And his adoring aunt and her family are nearby in Oakland – we typically spend our thanksgiving dinner feast at their place.

Both of our loving moms live in India and visit us every summer in the US. And while they are away in India, a child will enjoy stories from their grandmas over video calls regularly.

Our close friends who live nearby have kids from the age of a few months old to 7 years. We enjoy get-togethers for potlucks, board games, weekend farmer markets and walks in the park.

Thank You!

Thank you for taking time to read through our story, and considering us as a family for your child. We have a stable, loving relationship and hope to share this world with a child.  We are excited to grow our family through open adoption.

We would love to meet you, learn about you, and hear all the dreams and hopes you have for your child.

Ujjayini and Apoorva