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Meet Vanessa and Sherean

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Hello! We’re Sherean and Vanessa. Thanks for taking time to know us better!  We live in a small San Francisco Bay Area town beautifully perched between the ocean and forest. In 13 years together, we’ve been blessed to share laughter, tears, and many great adventures. Most significantly, we’ve grown stronger together and as individuals. We are ready to share our blessings with a child.  As you read this, we hope you see a glimpse of how loved and special our child will be.  Moreover, we wish you heartfelt comfort and dignity as you lovingly consider an adoption plan for your baby.

Our Love of Animals

A love of animals brought us together and connects us. Our dogs, Lenny and Alice, greet us excitedly every night and their goofy antics keep us laughing. Our sweet cat, Gypsy, loves us most when we’re opening a can of tuna!  They are our best friends!  We both had pets growing up and remember those special bonds fondly.  We look forward to sharing the incredible gift of a pet’s unconditional love with our child.

Our Careers

Vanessa’s love of animals became her career.  In 2010, she started her own successful pet business in San Francisco. Vanessa generously cares for other peoples’ best friends as if each were her own.  Many of Vanessa’s clients have fondly welcomed her into their families and are part of our great community.

Sherean went back to school to become a Physical Therapist who helps Veterans recover from traumatic brain injuries.  She is honored to see her patients and their families show such resilience and determination. For Sherean, every day is filled with gratitude to be even a small part of their journeys.


We come from different family and cultural backgrounds.  Vanessa grew up in LA as part of a large and boisterous Columbian and Brazilian American family.  Sherean moved all over the US as an only child in a small and quiet family.  Both of us have grown a lot in the other’s direction over time. Together, we will raise our child in a stable and supportive home that encourages individuality and connection, where fun and peace resonate. As a couple, we nurture our complimentary strengths and will teach our child to respect and admire people’s differences.


We live in small community south of San Francisco – just a few minutes’ walk from both a forest of majestic Eucalyptus trees and the Pacific Ocean. Our home is cozy and warm and our pets greet us excitedly when we enter.  We love to cook, play board games, snuggle up on the couch or have a spontaneous dance party!  We have a large yard with several small gardens, a hammock and a sitting area that we share with our neighbors.  There is always a friendly neighbor around to chat with or to lend a hand with a heavy load.  We feel comfortable and safe in this community and know it is a wonderful place to raise a child.

Sherean Describes Vanessa

Vanessa is outgoing, adventurous and lives life to its fullest!  While she’s often busy surfing or riding motorcycles, family is her priority.  She is especially close with her mom and sisters. Vanessa’s outgoing nature is the reason we know so many of our neighbors – she’s always out front chatting! She is also the most determined and hard working person I know. Even against all odds, if Vanessa sets her mind to something, it gets done. This is how she turned her love of animals into a successful business.  I know that Vanessa will set many positive examples for our child. I am proud to have her by my side as we begin this parenting adventure.

Vanessa Describes Sherean

Sherean is incredibly patient. It’s not only a strong character trait, but it’s her job. I have seen how kind and loving she is at work when her patients struggle to overcome great hardships.  She meets them where they are with respect and humility.  When I met her, we appeared to be opposites. She was an earnest academic and I sometimes struggled to hide challenges of a learning disability. Sherean was never judgmental or superficial; she tenderly encouraged me to connect with resources to help me achieve success. Now, she pushes me to be mindful and to understand different perspectives by modeling empathy and respect.  I know she will be a wonderfully nurturing parent.

The Gift of the Outdoors

We love being outdoors and can’t wait to share this with our child! We recently signed up for an outdoor survivalist camp in Yosemite so we can be better prepared on future backpacking trips.  Sherean seeks that elusive runner’s high. Vanessa seeks the perfect wave on her surfboard. This year, Sherean joined Vanessa in a challenging new adventure – dirt biking.  Mostly, we just play outside like giant kids. Outside, we remember we are part of something bigger than ourselves.  We believe nature is a place for tranquility, challenge, discovery and joy. We are lucky to live where the gift of nature is at our doorstep. We know that our child will thrive here!

Get to Know Us Better

It’s an impossible task to describe all we want to share with our child! We hope our pictures tell you the stories we don’t have room to write here.  Please know that we are wondering about your stories, too.   If it feels right, let’s discover how our stories might intertwine.