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Meet Veronica and Kevin


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Where We Live

Santa Clara, California, close to Central Park


Kevin: Accounting manager in the Tech. Industry
Veronica: previously Accounts Assistant, Will be a full time mom.

Happy Places

Half Moon Bay, Monterey, Tahoe, in the garden reading or playing with our doggies.


Trinny ( German Spitz/Pomeranian age 11)
Toby ( West Highland Terrier age 9)

Fun Facts

All our birthdays are in September inc. the dogs!
Veronica has a Diploma in Art.

Hi we are Veronica and Kevin and we are an Irish couple now living in Santa Clara, California. We are delighted to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and we are honored that you are considering us as adoptive parents.

We have been married for 11 years and it has always been our dream to be parents. Veronica is really looking forward to being a stay at home mum and Kevin can’t wait to meet our future child.

We cannot begin to understand the difficult decision that you are making but we recognize you only want the best future and care for your baby. We very much wish to be part of that future through open adoption.

Our Story So Far ......

We are an Irish couple now living and working in the Bay Area. We met in 2001 when we both were working for the same company in Dublin, Ireland. A few months later we had both changed jobs and bumped into each other on the street one evening. Kevin invited Veronica to join him for a coffee, and our love grew from there. We were married in 2007 with all our family and friends present. It was a very special day made even more wonderful by having our nieces and nephews all around us.

Kevin works locally in the tech industry and has a short commute to work. Veronica is in the extremely fortunate position not to have work, and will be a full-time stay-at-home mom to our future child. This will give us lots of free time to raise our family.

Veronica grew up in a small town in Ireland with her parents and two younger brothers surrounded by her very large and very close extended family. A great tradition was the weekly gathering at her grandmother’s house where there was always lots of laughter and joy. This tradition continues to this day with the new generation of children.

Veronica is very close to her grandmother who showed her how to make Irish soda bread before she left for America in case she did not like the bread here. It’s lovely with fresh blueberry jam! Veronica’s achievement in her academic and professional life has always been an inspiration to her extended family, especially her younger cousins. She was the first in her family to go to college.

Kevin grew up in the suburbs of Ireland’s capital city with his parents and older sister. Growing up, he was always trying new experiences and sports. Kevin got his love of cooking from his mom and they could always be found in the kitchen together preparing the family meals. Kevin is very close to his mom and dad and has inherited his mother’s great sense of justice and equality, and his father’s loyalty. Both are very proud of the man Kevin has become.

Veronica by Kevin

Veronica is the kindest and most generous person I know. She always puts the interests of others in front of her own whether it be volunteering to babysit our friends’ children, helping her many cousins with wedding plans or simply being a friendly shoulder to cry on.

Veronica and I are quite different and perhaps this is why we get along so well. She is extremely creative and artistic, the dreamer of the household. She really enjoys painting and has a passion for art. She loves visiting galleries and museums and is looking forward to the day she can expose our child to the wonders of the world. She also loves music and dancing and I can certainly envisage Veronica dancing around our home with our child.

Veronica is a qualified book-keeper and experienced office manager who has been a vital member of every organization she has worked for. However, she has given up her career to fulfil her dream of being a stay-at-home mom.

On my wife’s side, there is a large extended family who are very close to one another. At regular family gatherings, there are always babies and children running around. I know from watching Veronica at family weddings and parties she will make an excellent mother. She is always the one on the floor with little ones making them smile and playing games with them. Our friends’ children are always excited to show Veronica their latest creation or game. As a mother, her endless patience will be a virtue.

Kevin by Veronica

Kevin is a wonderful man, loyal and loving husband. While I may be the free spirit in the relationship, his skills lie in planning and doing. He is very practical, caring, and supportive, and is always there when friends or family need advice.

Kevin is a qualified accountant with many years of experience in the tech industry. He studied hard throughout his college years to build his career and is keen to pass on his love of learning and the value of education to our child.

While Kevin has to be very responsible in his job, he loves to let his hair down when out of the office. He is always first to dress up like a fairy, read a bedtime story or have an imaginary tea party with his nieces, nephews or our friends’ children. He has retained his child-like love of play that children instantly respond to. I know that he will make a fantastic father.

Kevin is very sporty and has completed two full marathons to date. He has recently taken up cycling and enjoys exploring the challenging roads and hills that surround our home. He is really looking forward to introducing our future child to sport, exercise, and all the outdoor activities available here in the Bay Area, such as the parks, the beaches, trails and walks.

Our Home

We are very fortunate to live in the beautiful city of Santa Clara in the heart of Silicon Valley. The city is a unique mix of people from all around the world, all working on the latest technical innovations. We believe this would be the perfect environment to raise our child exposing them to different cultures in a place where anything is possible. We are also very fortunate to be in a great school district.

Santa Clara is surrounded by wonderful mountains, beaches, and reserves. We both look forward to sharing our love of nature and a healthy outdoor lifestyle with our child.

While our two-bed duplex may be modest, it is a place of great love, warmth, and fun, whether that be the noise of our dogs playing together in the garden, the smell of Veronica’s freshly baked Irish soda bread, or Kevin making a mess in the kitchen trying out his latest recipe.

Our home is located is a quiet residential area very close to Central Park in Santa Clara. Central Park has lovely playgrounds, walkways, and a lake with ducks and geese. We are also lucky to be surrounded by wonderful neighbors and friends.

Here in Santa Clara we have a wonderful group of new friends who have moved here both from Ireland and around the world. They have been fantastic about giving us advice on integrating into our new life, showing us the best that the Valley has to offer, and even organizing a surprise birthday party for Veronica in September.

Many have been in the Bay Area for several years and are raising their families here, so we feel we will have great support despite being far away from our own immediate families. We are lucky that, thanks to advances in technology, we can stay in contact with family and friends in Ireland, and we make regular video calls home.

Our Values

Having been together for over 17 years and married for over 11, we have a very stable, loving relationship. We are both ready physically, mentally and financially to be the best parents we can be. Over the years, our relationship has been strengthened from all the challenges and changes we have been through. We have always been there for each other and we understand the importance of honesty and communication in a family, which will serve us well as new parents.

We were both raised in households with a stay-at-home parent and as first-time parents, we believe this is extremely important for the development of a child especially in the formative early years.

We also both grew up within the Catholic church and while not regular church-goers, it is our desire and intention to raise our child within the Catholic faith.

We have two small dogs: Trinny, our German Spitz, who was born the day before we got married, and Toby, our West Highland Terrier, who joined us as a puppy two years later. We both grew up with dogs and we believe that a house is not a home without them. When we got the opportunity to move to California our main concern was getting our dogs here safely and there was no question of them being left behind.

Our Promise to You

To unconditionally love and cherish your child with every inch of our hearts. To provide an emotionally secure and stable home environment. To work exceptionally hard to provide every educational, learning and recreational opportunity we can for your child.

If our commitment and promise mirrors your dream for your baby, we’d be honored to get to know you better. Please contact our adoption agency Adoption Connection by email or phone/text:

[email protected]

Tel:  415-355-4636