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Meet Zack & Mitch

Where We Live

10 minute bike ride to the beach, at the top of Mt. Davidson in San Francisco

Favorite Holidays

Thanksgiving -- food, friends and family! What more could you want?

Happy Places

The beach and Mt Davidson in San Francisco

Best Vacation

Anytime we are hanging out with lots of friends and family

Fun Facts

We met in Paris and lived in Shanghai for 7 years

Hello! ¡Hola! 你好! We are Zack and Mitch. We’ve been together for 15 years and can’t wait to be dads!

When we imagine an ideal life for a child with us, it will be one where they are surrounded not just by us but by a diverse community of adults and other children who love and support them. We want them to have opportunities to travel and learn to follow their interests as they discover themselves and grow into happy, healthy adults.

Our Life

We cook dinner almost every night and love eating big family meals with our brother and sister-in-law, cousins and friends. Whenever we can, we love exploring a new place, whether it’s a new part of San Francisco or a new part of the world. In our free time, we love gardening, reading, beaching, learning languages and activism to improve our city.

Everywhere we go in SF, we ride our bikes. We mostly ride e-bikes since we are not trying to qualify for the Tour de France and the hills in this city can appear out of nowhere! Biking is important to us because it’s good for the environment, good for the city and good for us.

About Zack, by Mitch

When I first met Zack, we were university students in Paris and he had what at the time was considered a very fashionable Spanish haircut and layered collared shirts. It wasn’t long before we became friends and then started dating. Over the many years since, Zack has grown alongside me and has taught me to look outside my preconceived notions and to see people with empathy.

I may not have learned his appreciation for fashion-forward hairstyles, but I have grown so much thanks to Zack. He is an incredibly thoughtful person who has taught me to think more openly and I can’t wait for him to be able to share that and the vast amounts of love he has with our future child.

About Mitch, by Zack

Mitch is principled, inclusive, outgoing and magnetic. He has an unmistakable and infectious laugh, loves being silly and joking around, but only if everyone can be in on the joke. He’s generous and loves to share whatever he is fortunate enough to have, whether it’s cooking for everyone, giving gifts, or just spending precious time. He has taught me how important and special it is for us to be on the same team, and strive to set a positive example for the relationships around us.

Our Home

We live on the west side of Mt. Davidson, San Francisco’s tallest peak where we also love to hike; we’re also biking distance from Ocean Beach, Golden Gate Park, and other places we’re excited to share with a child.

We bought our house in 2020 with Mitch’s brother and his wife, so a little one can have a close relationship with aunts and uncles and of course their future cousins! In San Francisco, we also have cousins while out on the East coast we have a large family that is over the moon about us adopting and welcoming a new baby into the fold.

Our Extended Family

Four Mitch grew up in a big extended family that spent every Sunday and more together. Being constantly surrounded by aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and family friends taught about relationships and community.

Those lessons are important to us and so we live with Mitch’s brother and sister-in-law so that a child can have close relationships with them and their future cousins.

Our Wish for You

We want you to know that we are on the same team when it comes to wanting your baby to have the best and happiest life possible. We also hope that the relationship that we foster together will become a source of joy and pride for you. Whatever decision you make, we wish you success, health, and happiness!