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Crystal’s Story

When I found out I was pregnant, my world began to spin out of control. I had no idea who to turn to or what I was going to do. I was 20 years old and a full-time student with no time for a job. I concealed my pregnancy from my family and my boyfriend. Only my closest friends knew what I was going through and would ask me when I was going to tell everyone, and I would joke and say, “When I’m in labor.” But funny enough, that’s how it happened. My family found out when I was in labor, and my boyfriend found out after my daughter was born.

I had considered adoption while I was pregnant, but not seriously. It wasn’t until my daughter was born and I started to weigh all my options that my boyfriend, my family, and I made the decision to give an adoptive family a gift they had been hoping for—and the life that my daughter deserved.

I found out about Adoption Connection while I was in the hospital. A social worker there put me in contact with the agency and I saw Parent Profiles of adoptive families. The counselor was compassionate, answered my questions, and eased some of my fears. I knew in my heart I was making the best decision I could for that little girl.

After looking over all of the letters, I finally came to one. The adoptive family joined me in the hospital, and we spoke for what seemed like hours. Lisa, the adoptive mom, held my daughter for some time. I knew then that I was making the right choice to place my baby with her.

Having an open adoption and knowing how my daughter is doing makes me happy and helps me continue to feel that I made the right decision. Getting pictures and letters from the adoptive family is a source of comfort. I can see how happy she is. I know I could not have given my daughter a better gift than bringing her into this world. The smile on her face is enough.

Even though I have all the love in the world for my daughter, and so does her father, we knew we made the right choice.

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