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Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Adopting a Baby

Adoption Connection is licensed to complete private, domestic, infant, open adoptions. We do not conduct foster adoption or adoption of older children. We do not conduct international adoption. We do not conduct closed adoption, unless the placing birthmother requests it after receiving counseling on the benefits of open adoption. We do facilitate stepparent adoptions.

As a licensed full service adoption agency we offer:

  • Adoption homestudies (if you live in Northern California)
  • Services to match you with an expectant mother who chooses you to adopt her baby
  • Guidance and support for you and the expectant mother through the adoption process
  • Coordination of adoption services anywhere in the United States
  • Education and support both pre- and post-adoption in the form of groups, webinars and workshops
  • Legal advising and relinquishments services for placing birthparents to ensure adherence with adoption law
  • Post placement supervision and adoption finalization services
  • Peace of mind of working with ethical and seasoned professionals who build long-lasting relationships with the birth families and adoptive families we serve

The first step is to attend our Open Adoption Orientation to learn more about our agency's philosophy and services. We host monthly Orientations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. After attending an Orientation, you may apply for an adoption homestudy.

When you work with a licensed adoption agency like Adoption Connection, you typically do not need an attorney to complete the adoption of a child. Since each adoption is unique, we may advise you to retain the services of an experienced family law attorney for certain elements of the adoption, such as the termination of birthfather's parental rights.

Adoption Connection works with pregnant women anywhere in the United States. We have extensive experience working in out-of-area adoption; meaning the birth and adoptive parent reside in different states. We are only accepting new adoptive parent clients who permanently reside in Northern California.

Yes, we have completed hundreds of adoptions throughout the United States and are very experienced at following state law wherever the baby is born. Many of the birthmothers we work with live throughout the country and find us through our website.

Absolutely! At Adoption Connection, we believe that everyone has the right to realize their dreams of becoming a parent. We've helped hundreds of LGBTQ+ families adopt children since we began in 1984. We are honored to hold the All Children – All Families Agency Seal of Recognition for our efforts from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

Yes, many of our adoptive families are open and excited to adopt a child of a different race/ethnicity than themselves. To prepare families, we require that they attend an educational workshop on transracial adoption.

Yes, Adoption Connection receives calls from hospital social workers or birthmothers soon after the birth of a baby. Adoptive parents who are interested in this type of instant placement are prepared to work fast in order to be ready to take home a baby with very little notice.

Expectant mothers, fathers and their families contact Adoption Connection after learning about us through  extensive nationwide outreach and through referrals from medical professionals with firsthand experience of our work and our distinguished reputation. Adoption Connection makes it easy for expectant parents considering adoption to reach out and learn more about open adoption and our agency.

An adoption homestudy is a written report required by state law for individuals and couples who wish to adopt. The homestudy process provides you with support and education about the journey ahead, and helps families think through adoption-related issues and the responsibilities of parenting. During a homestudy you will provide autobiographical statements, employment and financial information, personal references, medical reports, and criminal background clearances. The homestudy will also consist of a series of interviews, including at least one meeting at your home.

Yes, although rarely. As an adoption agency we are legally allowed to complete closed adoptions, unlike adoption attorneys and unlicensed adoption professionals. When a birthmother requests a closed adoption, we will honor her wishes. Closed adoptions are completed without any identifying information exchanged between the birth and adoptive families. However, as in all adoptions, we do obtain written biological and health information about mother and baby - which we would share in redacted form. We complete one to two closed adoptions per year.

Yes, but rarely. Since we specialize in infant, open adoption, we usually work with women who are pregnant or have recently given birth. From time to time we work with birthparents who are making voluntary adoption plans for toddlers under the age of three.