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Open Adoption: A Shared Connection

Open adoption, once revolutionary, is now a nationwide standard. It is the most successful form of newborn adoption for placing birth parents, adoptive parents, and children alike.

In an open adoption, the birth and adoptive parents choose one another, share information, and usually meet prior to the baby’s birth. The level of ongoing contact between the adoptive and birth families after the adoption varies—phone calls, in-person visits, and staying in touch digitally may be typical.

Open adoption emphasizes the child’s immediate and long term best interests. Decades of research has shown that adopted children have better outcomes when they know their own unique personal stories and have access to information about their families of origin. Birth parents report that selecting the family to raise their child and getting to know them before the baby’s birth provides substantial comfort and peace in their adoption decision. And adoptive parents who embrace open adoption relationships enjoy lives enriched by reserving a special place in their family for their child’s birth parents.

Every adoption is unique and personalized based on what’s important to each of the parents making the adoption plan.

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