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Rey and Jovits

Hi! We are Rey and Jovits, from Danville, California, and we have been blessed.  We have so much love in our family that we wish to share it.  We wish to grow our family and raise a child


I’m Kristen from San Francisco, California. I very much respect and admire that you are considering open adoption for your child.  I can imagine that you have a lot to think abou

Alex & Kristi

Hello! We are Alex & Kristi.

We are a happily married couple in our mid-thirties, and we live near San Francisco, California. We are very eager to start our family, and are truly grateful t


Hi, I’m Ruth from San Francisco, California.  Thank you so much for reading this letter.  I am in awe of you.  I have always, always wanted to be a mother.  There is nothi

Mike and Melissa

Hello!  We are Mike and Melissa from San Francisco, California. We are so thankful that you’ve taken the time to learn more about us. We deeply respect the courage and strength you have

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Sean and Jeremy

Hi, we’re Sean and Jeremy.  We are a married couple in our 30’s from San Francisco, California and we are so excited to start our family through adoption!

Thank you for taking

Jay and Ryan


We are Jay and Ryan and we believe that love makes a family. We live in beautiful San Francisco, and we are excited to start our own family through an open adoption. Ryan’s

Jay and Staci

Hi! We're Jay & Staci.
Family is very important to us, and adoption has always been a part of it. We both believe strongly in the healing power of a good cry and a good laugh. We tell a lot of jo

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Blair and Jen

Hello! We are Blair and Jen from the gorgeous East Bay, 20 minutes from San Francisco.

Thank you for considering us as potential adoptive parents for your child. We recognize that this is likel

Emily and John

Hi! We're John and Emily, a healthy, active couple in our 30's living in Dublin, California.

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us.  We hope our photo profile giv

Nicole & Chris

Welcome! We are Nicole and Chris from West Sacramento, California.

We chose open adoption based on research and people we have spoken with, both adopted and adoptive parents. We hope choosing t

Cecilia and Lawrence

Hello! We’re Cecilia and Lawrence, a happily married couple living in Sunnyvale, California. We are grateful for your interest in learning more about us. We understand your decision may be bo

Meg and Laura

Hi! Our names are Meg and Laura. We’re in our early 30s and have been married for about 7 years. We’ve been living in San Francisco for 6 years, and we’ve come to call the Bay Are

Nate and Solana
Hello, we are excited about loving and nurturing your child and we hope you'll consider us as a family for their growth in the world. We are a married couple in our late thirties living in and lovin
Justin and Brent

Hello from Boston! We’re Justin & Brent and we appreciate you taking the time to read our profile. We’re a married couple in our 30s and are both very excited about becoming parents

Sol and Pablo

We are originally from Argentina, and for the last 13+ years, we have been joyfully in love.
Having gone through a pregnancy ourselves, we feel an enormous respect for what you are choosing for y

Seth and Jared

Hi there!

We are Seth and Jared – we are married, in our mid 30’s, and live in Berkeley, CA. Our moms think we are the two most handsome guys on the planet.

Thank you for readin

Lisa and Badger

Hello from Badger and Lisa! We are a loving couple living in the Bay Area and we are excited to begin our family through adoption. We can only imagine how difficult a time this must be for you, and

Remy and Lina

Hola y hello from sunny East Oakland and from two women who are waiting to meet you! We are in our early thirties and were married in 2012, and we are ready to add to our family. We love good

Sandra and Stefan

Hello.  We are Stefan and Sandra, a happily married couple from Little River, California,  where Sandra will be continuing her practice as a physician.   Stefan can't wait to be

Jeffrey and Clint

Hi there! We are Jeffrey, Clint and Trevor and we have made our home in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Trevor is 7 and was adopted at birth, and being his parents has been the greatest privilege we&

Andy and Jason

Hello (and Hola) from Berkeley, California! We’re Jason and Andy, and we’re so grateful you’ve taken a moment to get to know us. We’ve been happily together for over 17 years and married si

Migle and Russ

Hello. We are Migle and Russ from Washington, D.C. area.
We admire your courage as you consider adoption for your baby. Deciding who should have the honor of raising your child is a big responsib

Ben and Lydia
Hello! We are Ben and Lydia living in Noe Valley within San Francisco, CA. We feel very fortunate to be included in your journey as you consider adoption for your child.
Erin and Martin

Hello!  We are Erin and Martin (pronounced "Marteen") from San Mateo, California.  We appreciate the thoughtfulness you are putting into your child's future.  During a

Allwyn and Cecille

Dear Birthmother,

We are Allwyn and Cecille from Alameda, California.  Thank you for taking the time to read about us.  We acknowledge the courage it takes to consider an open adoptio

Mike and Carolina

We are Carolina and Mike, a married couple from Napa, California, and we are excited to become parents!  We feel fortunate to have found each other and are really looking forward to sharing ou

Anjali and Bronwyn

Hello! We are Anjali and Bronwyn, a married couple in our early 30’s from Berkeley, California! We moved to California from Philadelphia almost two years ago. Anjali is a doctor who also does

Elke and Malcolm


We are Elke and Malcolm from Gilroy, California. We are grateful you have chosen to read our letter.  We hope reading about our family, will help you to make this very important decisio

Greg and SueZann

Hi, we are Greg, Suezann, and, Alexa from Hercules, California.
We are excited to expand our family once again through adoption! We are honored and very thankful to have you read our letter. We r

Candace and Rob

Hello. As you imagine the future for your child, we hope you will consider us as a family your little one can be part of.  We are Candace and Rob. As a couple, we’ve been together since

Lori and Bill

Hello from the San Francisco Bay Area. We are Bill and Lori and we are looking forward to hearing from you and getting to learn more about you. We are honored that you are reading this letter to le

Josh and Jessica

Hola! We are Jessica and Josh. We know that considering placing your child for adoption must be a very difficult decision, and we are humbled by your courage as you explore options for your life an


This profile comes to you with warmth and respect.

I honor your huge heart, trust and courage as you consider open adoption. I deeply respect all the feelings you are having about your life rig

Alexa and Maurice

Hello, welcome and thank you for reading our story - and maybe becoming part of it!
We are Alexa and Maurice – originally from Germany and today permanently settled and hoping to raise a fa

Jackie and Charis
WARMEST GREETINGS IN THE HEART OF CALIFORNIA Hello! We are Jackie and Charis from Central Valley California. We appreciate you for considering us and would like to acknowledge your courage and g
Marcus and Kristina

Hi! We are Marcus & Kristina in San Francisco, California. We are both 33 years old, and after trying to start a family on our own for a few years we became the proud parents of our son Mateo w

Drew and Chase
Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to read through our profile, get to know who we are, and learn about a mutual dream we’ve held since our first date – starting a family. But before any
Jeff, Louis and Jax

Hi there! We are Jeff and Louis from Portland, Oregon. We started our family two years ago when we adopted our daughter Ja

Erin and Robbie

We’re Erin and Robbie from San Francisco, California (and during the summers, can often be found at our cabin in Lake Tahoe). We’re so grateful you’ve given us this chance to tell

Jim and Ben

Dear Birthmother,


We are Ben & Jim, a married couple in our early thirties. We have long dreamt of becoming first-time dads, and believe that adoption would be an amazing gif

Jason and Lauren

Hi! We are Lauren and Jason from Martinez, CA. We hope that this letter will give you a small glimpse into our life and the chance to get to know us a little bit.

We have been together for 6 ye

Brian and Jennifer

We are honored to have you consider us as prospective parents. We extend our sincere respect and love from our heart to yours through this important decision making process. Our commitment to paren

Angela and Jeremy

Hello, thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We are Angela and Jeremy from San Francisco California. We are both in our mid-thirties, and have been married for 9 years. We are both


Hello! My name is Laura, and I live in San Francisco, California, along with my wonderful son John (4 years old) and our two dogs, Shasta and Chuck. We live in a beautiful Victorian home in the cen

Rebecca and Ernesto
Hello! Hola! We are Rebecca and Ernesto from San Juan Bautista, California. We are excited to start our family, and so grateful to you for giving us the opportunity to fulfill our dream of being
Annie and Jonathan

Hello, we are Annie & Jonathan, a happily married couple from San Francisco, California. Thank you for checking out our profile!

We know the decision ahead of you is not an easy one, and we

Kevin and Conor

Hi! We’re Kevin and Conor — two guys in love living in San Francisco, California. For both of us, becoming dads has always been a dream. Kevin used to teach kindergarten and is most loo

Jeff and Mike

We are Mike and Jeff from San Francisco, CA. We are a couple in our 30s looking forward to starting a family. We have been together for nearly 8 years, and recently got married surrounded by family

McNeil and Samantha

Hi! We are McNeil and Samantha a happily married couple in our mid 30s, living in beautiful Concord, CA. 

We recognize the choice you are making is one of the most difficult a woman can fa

Micah and Amanda

Hello and thank you for checking out our profile! We are excited and honored to get to know you. We are a quirky, fun-loving couple in our 30s from Napa, CA. Micah is employed full time as a winema

Joel and Hermann

Hello, we are Joel & Hermann from the San Francisco Bay Area. We met nine years ago and from the beginning we wanted to start a family. Hermann is from Germany. Joel is from Virginia and speaks

Lisa and Ryan

Hello! We are Lisa and Ryan from Alameda, California. We found each other in Ukraine while serving as Peace Corps volunteers, and fell in love over borscht and mix tapes. Now ten years into our mar

Scott and Katie

We are Scott and Katie, in our mid 30’s and are from San Anselmo, which is located in Marin County, California.  Marin County is just right over the Golden Gate Bridge from San

Lucinda and Brian

We understand the choice to make an adoption plan for your child cannot be an easy decision – it may be difficult to know what to do at each turn in life, especially when your child is involv

Carmen and Jon

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and considering us as adoptive parents. We have been married for 17 years and have a welcoming home in Santa Rosa, about 45 minutes north of San Fra

Veronica and Kevin
Hi we are Veronica and Kevin, we are an Irish couple now living in Santa Clara, California. We are delighted to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and are honored that you are consid
Metta & Martha


We deeply honor your journey and arrival at the decision to share part of your life with part of our lives. The truth

Katie and Robert

We are Katie and Robert from San Francisco, California. Thank you for talking the time to “get to know us” in what we imagine must be a very difficult time for you. We have suc

Elizabeth and Eric

Hello from Elizabeth, Eric, and Emilia Grace!

Greetings from the San Francisco Bay Area! We are honored that you are reading our letter, and are in awe of your bravery in considering open adopt

Scott and Michele

Hello and thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We are Scott and Michele from San Francisco, CA.  We admire and respect your decision that you are making.  We hope that the pro

Ken and Melissa

Hi! We're Ken and Melissa. We live in the town of Danville, California, and are very excited to begin the adoption process to fulfill our dream of providing your child with unconditional l

Kenny and Travis

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us!
We are Kenny and Travis, a married couple from beautiful Castro Valley, a small community in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Our neighborhood

Charlie and Tina

Hello, we are Charlie and Tina - and we are honored you are taking the time to get to know us. We live in sunny San Mateo, CA. We're a loving and active couple, surrounded by amazing friends an

Antoine and Bitania

Hello! We are Antoine and Bitania and we want to thank you so much for considering adoption for your baby. We sincerely appreciate that your decision is not an easy one and as Christians, throughou

Abe and Megan

Hi! ¡Hola! We are Megan and Abe Gardner, and we’ve been in love since high school. Married and in our mid-30’s, we live and work in Napa, California. Megan’s adopted br

Christine and Eric

We are Eric and Christine, Canadians who have settled in Emeryville, California. Emeryville is a small city just a short drive across the Bay Bridge to San Francisco. We are in our early 3

Allegra and Mike

Hello! Hola! We are honored for the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you! We are both San Francisco Bay Area natives in our thirties who are overjoyed to be parents again. Allegra will be a st

Becca and Eddie


We are Eddie and Becca, thank you for reading our profile, we understand this can be an intimidating and emotionial journey and our hearts are with you.

We are a fun loving and energ

Vanessa and Sherean

Hello! We’re Sherean and Vanessa. Thanks for taking time to know us better!  We live in a small San Francisco Bay Area town beautifully perched between the ocean and forest. In 13 years

James and Jillian

Hello!  We are James and Jillian from Morgan Hill, California. We met almost 14 years ago while attending Fresno State University.  We became fast best friends and married in 2008. 

Eric and Greg

Hello/Hola!  We are Greg and Eric, a married couple who lives in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. We started talking about adopting a child on our THIRD date, and now, 8 years late

Cris and Robert

Hello! ¡Hola!
Thank you for taking the time to read this. We are a married couple from San José, California, and have been together for over 15 years. Since we met, we've hoped t

Jen and Tony

Hi, we’re Jen & Tony. We live in Oakland, California, where we love to be outside — running, biking, or drinking coffee in the sunshine on our deck. Jen runs operations at a tech st

Brian and Kira

Hello! We are Brian and Kira from Santa Rosa, CA. We are an active, warm couple in our early 30's with a strong foundation of love that we can't wait to share with a child. We are so gratef

Melinda and Scott

Thank you so much for reading our letter. We see adoption as an incredible gift, and we know it’s a big decision. We hope this gives you a sense of who we are and the kind of parents we&rsquo

Kate and Abby

Hello! We are Abby and Kate from sunny Oakland, California. We are in our early thirties, have been together for nine years (married for five) and are very much looking forward to starting our fami

Dan and Catherine

Hi! We are Dan and Catherine from Mountain View, Ca. Thank you for taking a moment to get to know us a little bit. We are a caring and thoughtful couple excited about becoming parents. We enjoy pla

Patrick and Michael

Hello, we are Michael and Patrick from San Mateo in Northern California.  

Patrick is a homemaker who will be a stay-at-home parent, and Michael works in Silicon Valley and from home part

Erica and Zach

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. We want to acknowledge how difficult this decision may be for you and want you to know that we respect and admire your decision to consider

Joe and Natasha

Hello, we are Joe and Natasha from Woodland, a small town near Sacramento, California. We have been married for over 13 years, and since the beginning we always talked about adopting a child. Joe w

Janna and Simon

Hello from Janna and Simon in San Francisco, California!
We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to grow our family through open adoption and thank you for your courage and the love you are sh

Craig and Jennifer

Hello! We are Craig and Jennifer, and we appreciate you giving us a moment to tell you a little about ourselves. We live in Sacramento, CA and enjoy all the area has to offer for us as a couple, an


Hello, I’m Karen from Oakland, California. Thank you for taking the time to get to know a bit about me!
I can imagine that you are at this place because you want the best for your child. To

Stafford and Kenny

Hello, we are Stafford and Kenny, a happily married couple in our 30s, from San Jose, California. We’d like to start by saying thank you for the opportunity to share our story with you.


Kristen and Jess

Hello! We are excited about expanding our family through open adoption - thank you for looking at our profile and considering us. We adopted our son Walter in March 2015, and have loved every minut

Alyse and Jonathan

We’re Alyse and Jonathan, and we hope that we get a chance to meet you! We live in Oakland, California, we’re happily married, and we dream of raising a child together.

We met at wo

Andy and Laurel

Hi! Our names are Laurel and Andy. We are a happily married couple who live in San Francisco, California, and spend a lot of time at our second home in the redwood forest and countryside nearb