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Meet Aaron and Tara


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Pets - Two Dogs and One Turtle

Jordy, a small terrier mix Nebraska, a golden chow mix Kaya, an old box turtle

Things We Love to Do in Our Town

Explore Beaches - Eat Sushi - Walk Dogs - Entertain Children - Go Dancing

Fun Facts About Us

Tara is a Girl Scout & Teacher - Aaron likes to Juggle & Play Music

Family Tradition

New Years Eve Tradition - renting a cabin in the woods with all our friends

How many fruit trees are in our yard?

Three! We have lemon, plum, and pear trees.

Hello, we are Aaron and Tara from Santa Cruz, CA and we are so honored that you are taking the time to learn about us. We love children, and have both been teachers for 20 years. We are a married couple and we have been sharing outdoor adventures, laughter, and yummy food together for the past 15 years. We live in a welcoming neighborhood just five blocks from the beach, surrounded by friends and family.

Dear Expectant Parent

We love children, and have both been teachers for 20 years. We are a married couple and we have been sharing outdoor adventures, laughter, and yummy food together for the last 15 years. We live in a welcoming neighborhood just 5 blocks from the beach, surrounded by friends and family.

We have so much respect for you on your journey. There are no words to properly express our excitement to begin an open adoption with you and share our love with a child. We look forward to going on hikes, playing music, and sitting on the beach as a family.

Our Love Story - How we met and our life today

We meet while teaching fifth graders at science camp in the redwood forest, among the tallest trees. We became quick friends as we shared a joy of getting dirty in the creek and making driftwood forts at the beach. Our friendship grew deeper with frequent trips to the ocean, dancing to our favorite music, and at late night chats around the campfire. Finally, after 10 years of friendship we decided to start dating and we are so glad we did. We were married in 2014 in the same redwood forest where we meet, surrounded by friends and family. These days we enjoy our simple life together. Life today is full of quiet nights on the couch with popcorn and a movie, hosting get-togethers in the backyard with our friends, going on hikes, or meeting folks downtown for live music and dancing. One of our favorite things is to cook; Aaron does the chopping, while Tara is putting it all together on the stove. TODAY, WE LOOK FORWARD TO EXPERIENCING OUR NEXT ADVENTURE TOGETHER…..PARENTING! 

Meet Aaron through the eyes of Tara

Aaron is always making me laugh, by doing a funny dance or making up a silly song while doing the dishes. Life with Aaron is never boring and he keeps us from taking life too seriously. He is the most unselfish person I know and loves to make sure I’m eating three meals a day. He has a variety of things that keep him busy; writing and performing puppet shows for kids’ birthdays, singing and playing music on his drums and mandolin, and juggling whenever he gets the chance.

After 20 years for teaching and entertaining children, he decided to go to school to become a massage therapist. He enjoys helping people heal and relax. So now he is lucky to get to do all three, teach, massage, and puppet shows.

Aaron has always dreamed of being a Dad. Children are naturally drawn to him because he is a big kid himself. The look on his face tells me he is having just as much fun as they are. I’m excited to see the joy on his face when we get to play as a family.

Meet Tara though the eyes of Aaron

I‘m so grateful for the supportive role Tara plays in my life. From our marriage, to her students as a Special Education Teacher, and myself. Tara is always dedicated to making everyone she knows safe and comfortable. I am constantly amazed by her generosity, and how she wants the best for everyone.

I have been fortunate to witness Tara interact with her students, our friends’ children, our immediate family, and I am so excited to see her kindness and caring continue as a mother to our son or daughter.

Our Home by the Beach

Our home has two big floor to ceiling windows that allow us to either let the sunshine in or snuggle with the dogs to watch the rain. The kitchen is busy in the evening, as Aaron prepares dinner for Tara and her Mom (Lynda). We look forward to sitting down to eat, and sharing stories about our day. Usually, the weather allows us to eat in the backyard, while the dogs run around or sit and beg for food. We often stay out chatting until the sun goes down. As we venture out the gate to take the dogs for a walk, we have lots of choices. We have a small boat harbor with great restaurants, an open space where cows still graze, and the beach all just a few blocks away. Our neighborhood was designed to be walkable not only to nature spots, but also to restaurants, grocery stores, and entertainment.

Sundays during the fall, Tara gets up to make pancakes, as Aaron watches football and cheers for his hometown team (Green Bay Packers), while talking on the phone about each play to his best friend back home.

It takes a Village to Raise a Child

Our village is spread out, but most of our family lives in the midwest. Aaron is the youngest of three kids and his parents and sister live in Minnesota. While his brother and his two children live in Montana. Tara is the oldest of three kids and her extended family lives in Nebraska, while her two siblings are in Tennessee. We make it a priority to see each other at least twice a year, but with lots of text and facetime, we stay connected. Even though we are far away, we would be there for each other in an instant. Tara’s mom, who lives with us, is a big part of our lives and will also be there for our child.

We are so grateful to have a large group of close friends that near us. The majority of our friends are former co-workers, that we connected with while we were teachers. We are lucky that, as a couple we share the same group of friends. We’ve had this close group of friends for nearly 20 years, and have been there for each other as we have grown. We are there during the important moments in life such as marriages and births. There is never a question we are family. A typical weekend includes getting together at the beach so the kids can play and the adults can catch up from the week.

Our Promise and Heartfelt Thank You

Should you choose us, we promise to invite you and your family into ours. A family can never have too much love. Both our journeys have lead us to adoption, and we hope it brings us both peace and love.