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Meet Adrian and Lorien

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Where We Live

We live in a beautiful and quiet suburban area of San Francisco, in a nice neighborhood with a good school.

Favorite Holidays

Christmas and Thanksgiving, as we get to spend time with friends and relatives, and eat great food!

Happy Places

We love visiting our relatives in England and Norway!

Best Vacation

We have been to some great places! Australia, Iceland, the Galapagos, and New Zealand have been our favorites.

Fun Facts

Adrian did the sport fencing for many years, and Lorien lived in Morocco as a Peace Corps volunteer for two years.

Hello! We are Lorien and Adrian. We met in San Francisco through a mutual friend on Halloween. Now, thirteen years later, we are happily married and share lots of fun times together. We have plenty of adventures including traveling, enjoying the outdoors, and spending time with our family and friends, who are supportive of us on this journey of adoption.

Our Life

Adrian was born in England and works in Biotech as a project leader. Lorien was born in New York and is a Professor. We live in San Francisco and love the city culture and how close we are to nature. We enjoy spending time with our friends, and their children, in the Bay area and further away. We like to travel in the USA and abroad to visit exciting places, but we also enjoy being in our lovely home.  A child of our own, to raise and endlessly love, would make our great lives together even more perfect!

About Lorien, by Adrian

Lorien is a caring, intelligent, and compassionate person. She will be a wonderful mom because she is patient and loving. Lorien has a sister who is 15 years younger than her. She really enjoyed taking care of her younger sister, and this gave her a lot of experience that will be helpful for becoming a mom. Lorien likes to cook and in recent years has developed a passion for gardening. In our backyard, she has planted lots of colorful plants and flowers. I admire how generous Lorien is with her time. She gives so much of herself to others and once worked as a Peace Corps volunteer. Lorien also likes teaching people and sharing knowledge. She is looking forward to teaching a child many things, like reading, counting, and all about the wonders and beauty of nature! She particularly enjoys reading children bedtime stories. As a professor, Lorien has flexibility in her work hours, and she is looking forward to spending fun summer vacations, exploring life and learning about the world with a child!

About Adrian, by Lorien

Adrian is my best friend and a supportive partner. He will be a fantastic father because he is warm, energetic and caring. We love experiencing the outdoors together. Adrian is a big fan of science fiction and we enjoy watching sci-fi shows together. Adrian is also very thoughtful — he often likes to surprise me with fun events like concerts. Adrian is also really smart and capable. I admire how much he enjoys his work, developing medicines to treat diseases that will someday make people’s lives better and potentially save lives.

Adrian works hard, but he also loves to spend time with friends and family, doing fun things! Adrian’s family lives in England and we’ve been on many vacations to visit with his sister and brother and his brother’s three children. Adrian is great with children and looks forward to sharing with a child his excitement for exploring and traveling.

I believe being a father will come naturally for Adrian. Adrian learned from his father the value of hard work and problem solving, combined with an interest in science and electronics, but more importantly, he also learned to be helpful to others.

Our Home

We live in a beautiful suburban area of San Francisco, and we recently moved into a larger house in San Francisco. Our neighborhood is away from the busy, noisy areas of the city, yet it is close to everything. There are many other neighborhood children around to play with. We live a block away from a good neighborhood school and a children’s playground, and there is a nice local shopping area with restaurants and a library. We are ready to fill our backyard with a kiddie pool, a swing set, or a trampoline. We love eating outside in the summer months with friends, or by ourselves – when it’s not foggy!

Our Extended Family

Adrian’s brother, sister, and father live in England, as well as his niece and two nephews. We manage to get over to see them fairly frequently. They recently came over, after a long time not seeing them all due to the pandemic. Lorien’s sister and her husband live in Norway, so we often make a combined trip to visit everyone in Europe. Lorien’s sister often comes to the US in the summer and she and Lorien go visit her mother  and other relatives in the US.  We also talk all the time on the phone with our relatives, or on a video chat.  We have been exploring all the exciting Bay area has to offer for children, when relatives visit. There is so many fun places to visit with family!

Our Wish

Thank you for reading, and getting to know us a bit. We hope to someday share our loving, fun home with a little one. As you imagine a future for your child, we hope you will consider us. We promise that your child will be loved and cherished, and we will provide a safe and happy environment for them. We will ensure they are well educated, but we will support their choices in life, whatever they may be.