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Meet Alyssa and Travis

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Where We Live

We live in Vallejo California not too far from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

Favorite Holidays

Our favorite holidays are Christmas and Halloween.

Happy Places

Travis' Happy place is Train Town and Alyssa's is Disneyland.

Best Vacation

Our best vacation is camping in Tahoe

Fun Facts

Alyssa's favorite ice cream is rocky road and Travis' is Spumoni.


We are Alyssa and Travis along with our little sweet dog named Gizmo. We love to go on family vacations such as camping when we get the chance. We really want to expand our family, so we decided to adopt and hope to share our love with your little one. We would really love to keep the lines of communication between us open if that’s all right. That way we can send updates, such as pictures as your child grows, or if they may have questions about themselves or you that we may not have the answers for. If it is not alright to have the adoption open, then that is fine to, which ever you are more comfortable with. We do want to thank you for wanting to get to know and consider us.

Our Life

Alyssa is a preschool teacher and loves every bit of it. She loves working with the children as well as the coworkers, it’s like one big family. Travis works as a warehouse receiver at a refinery with his brother who works in shipping. He drives into work with his brother then deals with unloading packages and stocking shelves. Our favorite places to take a child would be Disneyland or train town because it was a magical place for us as children. We would love nothing more for a child to experience that joy and happiness we once did at those places. Our favorite vacation spot is one of Tahoe’s camping grounds. We can do smores, go boating, even though we will be in an RV we will show your child how to set up a tent. Read books with your child, such as The true Story of the Three Little Pigs, Napping house, Pete the Cat and His White Shoes, and etc.

About Alyssa

In my free time I am either walking my dog or drawing and painting, usually of the cartoon or landscape type. I also like to watch movies and play video games. If I am not doing any of those, then I am either cleaning or out running errands. I do from time to time go out to visit friends or other family members.  I love doing fun arts and crafts and the messier the better. I absolutely cannot live without my Gizmo, he’s my traveling companion whether I am walking or driving around town. My favorite children’s book is “I Love You Fred” by Mick Inkpen. Seeing how my husband interacts with the kids in our family, and those of friends, it makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy. Travis has a playful puppy side and cannot say no to a child. He does not have a mean bone in his body unless he has to protect someone he loves and cares about. I think he would make a great father because of this.

About Travis

I am big on spending time with my family whether it’s on vacation or a family meal at home. I like to watch movies and play video games in my down time. I also love to collect watches and hope to pass them on to the next generation. I love to be outside and gardening, right now I am really into making and taking care of bonsai trees. I go through google and YouTube to get ideas to help me better tend to my plants. My favorite musical artist is Frank Sinatra.  My wife loves children she’s sweet, kind, and loving. She also has a lot of patience and is better at talking than I am which in my book, is what will make her a great mother.

Our Home

We Live in Vallejo CA, not too far from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, which we hope to visit a lot with your child. when we are home, most of our time is spent in the living room watching a movie/playing video games or doing our own thing in the presence of each other. Our street is nice and quiet, and we have a nice big backyard with a deck and grassy area we like to entertain guest at. We do intend on getting a play structure built in the grassy area for your child to play when they like.  Gizmo is 8yrs old, Alyssa found and adopted him at 8 months of age. From time to time he will visit preschool with Alyssa, and he does great with the children. He cuddles and naps with them.

Our Extended Family

We are one big family. We will get together every weekend for dinner and a movie, sometimes family game night where we will play video games or a board game together. There is never a dull moment when with family. We will even go on vacation together like going camping in Tahoe or go on a road trip to visit Alyssa’s best friend in Washington.

Our Wish for You

We want to thank you for continuing to get to know us. With us your child will safely learn and grow to become the best person they can be. We promise to tell your child about where they came from, about you, and that you love them. We promise to love and care for your child no matter what.