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Meet Elke and Malcolm

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Best Vacations

We enjoy going to Lake Tahoe and try to go every year, if we can.


We are both California Natives. Elke is from Cerritos. Malcolm is from Pine Grove.


We both work in Education. Elke as a tutor. Malcolm as an Instructional Aide.

Our Happy Place

We have several...the boardwalk, the beach, and the pier.


Elke enjoys scrap booking. Malcolm enjoys making things out of wood.


We are Elke and Malcolm from Gilroy, California. We are grateful you have chosen to read our letter.  Our hope is that by reading about our family, you are better able to make this very important decision.  We realize that open adoption can mean many different things to many different people and we welcome the opportunity to explore open adoption with you.

Elke according to Malcolm

Elke works part time as a one to one tutor. She works with students after school. The flexibility with her schedule makes it an ideal situation for raising a child because she can work when she wants to.

Elke is very family oriented, and is very close with her own family, which I appreciate, since I am also close with my family. She is very kind, creative, and is very outgoing. She loves to scrap book and as such, makes an album for every year we have been together, starting with the year we began dating. She is also into making cards and has made some of the most beautiful and creative cards our families have ever seen.

Elke loves baseball, so she plans on teaching our child the fundamentals of baseball and to enjoy the sport as much as she does, even taking our child to a game or two. Elke is also fluent in American Sign Language, which she plans to teach to our child, and to me, as well. Elke loves to bake. She sets aside one weekend in November every year, where she does all of the baking for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Chanuka. She would love to share her love of baking with a child, even some of her family recipes, which have been passed down from her grandmother.

Malcolm according to Elke

Malcolm works as an Instructional Assistant for students who are in Special Education. He loves the students he works with and enjoys going to work each and every day just to see the smiles on the students’ faces, when they learn something new.

Malcolm is fun, loving, and very outgoing. He always has a positive outlook on life. Malcolm enjoys reading, and he does it quite a bit, especially on his Kindle. He also enjoys working with a piece of wood and creating wood projects. He loves to burn designs into a piece of wood and then either, keep it for our home, or give it away as a gift. Like me, Malcolm is very family oriented, spending time with and seeing his parents at least once a month.

Malcolm would love to teach our child to love the great outdoors. He would love to teach our child how to swim, how to ride a bike, kayak, fish, and how to enjoy the outdoors. He would also teach our child how to do home projects both inside and out. Having our child involved in social activities, such as Boy / Girl Scouts or little league is very important to Malcolm, so our child can form bonds and friendships with children of their own age.

About Us

We met on-line on eHarmony.com. We have been married for 8 years. On our 2nd date, we decided to go bowling. We played a total of 4 games. I won the first game, the second game, the third game, and the fourth game! Little did Malcolm know that I had been on a bowling league growing up and was quite good at it! He soon found out how good I am!

We love spending time with our extended family. There are lots and lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, even a great-grandmother. Malcolm and I enjoy many activities together. We enjoy being outdoors, whether it is going to the beach or just going for a walk either in our neighborhood or at the nearby lake that Malcolm actually grew up playing in. We also enjoy cooking, home improvement projects, and playing board games … Elke will occasionally let Malcolm win a game or two. We would love to share our life and our adventures with a child.

We discussed from the beginning the idea of adopting. After years of unsuccessfully trying to have a baby on our own, we are looking forward to completing our family through adoption.

Holidays with Extended Family

Every year, during the holiday season, we host a holiday party – a Christmas / Chanuka / Birthday Party / Anniversary Party all rolled into one – at our home in Gilroy, which we invite Malcolm’s parent’s to. Why a Birthday and Anniversary Party, you ask? Malcolm’s parents were married on December 3rd and his mother was born on December 11th. Malcolm and I are both educators, so not only do we have the Christmas and New Year’s holidays off, but we also have 2 weeks off that we spend in southern California with Elke’s parents celebrating Christmas and Chanuka with that side of the extended family. We can’t wait to spoil our child over these two weeks.

Our Home

We live in Gilroy, California – the Garlic Capital of the World. We live in a quiet, kid friendly neighborhood in Gilroy. We are within walking distance to the park, restaurants, shopping, and the library. We are fortunate to live in an area with terrific schools, where it is safe to ride your bike, take long walks and just raise a family. Elke works part time. Her job is very flexible so she will be home with the baby during the school day, while Malcolm is at work, then when he gets home, she will go to work for a couple of hours. So there will always be one of us at home to watch over the baby full time.

Our home is very warm and comfortable with lots and lots of family pictures on the walls, however there is still room to put some more with our child. We enjoy decorating our home to go with the different seasons / holidays. The outside of our home has a child area to play in, as well as, an area for growing our own fruits and vegetables. We are looking forward to sharing many indoor / outdoor activities with our child.

We believe in family dinners. We always have dinner together every evening. During our family dinners, we discuss how our day went.

Thank You! What a Baby Means to Us

There is so much that we would love to tell you about us, but most importantly is that we have more than enough love for your baby. We want you to know that words cannot express how very grateful we are that you are considering our family. We know that we can provide a child everything they need and we can’t wait to welcome this new person into our family and help guide and support them as they grow into the person they were meant to be.

We have had the opportunity to see open adoptions happen firsthand because we have many friends / family members who have been adopted. We have seen our family / friends connect with their birth families. Each situation is different, but being open is the key. We feel that being honest and loving with any child is paramount. We will embrace the situation that works best for all of us. Our adopted child, in our home, will be loved and will always be an important, integral part of our family.

We’d love to learn more about your hopes for your child, so if you’d also like to learn more about us too, please feel free to contact us through Adoption Connection.