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Meet Emilie and Robert

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Where We Live

San Jose, California

Favorite Holidays

Robert: Thanksgiving, for the feast
Emilie: New Years, because I love throwing parties

Can't Live Without

Robert: My PlayStation
Emilie: Salt and vinegar chips

What I like to Collect

Robert: 1990s action figures
Emilie: Vintage owl art

Fun Facts

We met in high school!

Hello! We are so excited to grow our family and are grateful to you for considering us to adopt your baby.

We enjoy traveling, walking our dog, going to museums, and spending time at home with our families.


Our Life

We own a mobile home, and live in a quiet community close to downtown. We share our home with a 9-year-old rescue dog and 3 cats! Being in the Bay Area, we don’t experience a lot of weather. It can get cold in the winter and hot in the summer, but the sun is usually out. We are lucky to live less than an hour from Santa Cruz and San Francisco, and can visit the beach or the redwoods whenever we want to.

About Robert

I feel like I was built to be a dad. I work with kids, which I think has given me a very patient and playful demeanor. My interests are outdoor adventures like scuba diving, rock climbing, and hiking. I have a bit of a talent for art, and a pretty big collection of Lego. I’ve been told I’m kind of a nerd, as I am pretty well versed in Star Wars, Marvel and pop culture stuff.


About Emilie

I’m a homebody, as most of my interests are things I do at home. I have a large number of houseplants, collect vintage art, like to cook and bake, and have people over to eat. I enjoy going on hikes and visiting new places, and look forward to sharing our favorite places with a child.


About Robert, by Emilie

Robert is truly the best person I know. He is so laid back, “annoyingly calm,” as I put it; always learning new things so that he can make our home better or help other people; always showing up when he is needed; always supportive of me. He makes me laugh every day, and I just cannot wait to see him being a dad to our child.

About Emilie, by Robert

Emilie is the most caring, considerate and organized person I know. She will always come through when needed and I am yet to see a situation she could not orchestrate a solution to. She goes above and beyond in every relationship she engages in, which I attribute to the fact that  she has so much love to give. I truly feel all of this will translate well into motherhood. I honestly could not think of a better person to have on your team or as a mother.

Our Extended Family

We are both the oldest in our families, with two siblings each, and all our parents live in San Jose. Robert grew up here and his extended family are all in the Bay Area. Emilie’s parents and brother live here, her sister is in Colorado, and extended family are in Canada. We love spending time with family and get together at least once a week. Most of Robert’s cousins are much younger than he is, so there are always kids and babies.

Our Jobs

Emilie: I am a case manager for a nonprofit that helps low income families pay their rent and prevent homelessness.

Robert: I am an instructional aide at a school for kids with special needs. I also do respite work with families of Autistic children, and am occasionally a travel writer for a magazine.

One last thank you

Thank you for considering us as the adoptive parents for your child. Our home and family are loving, open minded and supportive. We do not know each other yet, but we promise that we already love this child, and cannot wait to get to know you and hear about your dreams for your child.