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Meet Fabio and Alessia

Where We Live

Novato, California

Favorite Holidays

Christmas, Thanksgiving & Summer break (especially if spent with family and friends)


Alessia: Genova, Italy
Fabio: Merida, Spain

Best Vacation

Thailand (where we met for the first time!)

Fun Facts

Fabio was born in the same day and month of Alessia’s father (not same year, though!)

Hello, Ciao, Hola!! We are Alessia and Fabio, an Italian-Spanish couple from Novato, California. We’ve been together for eleven years, married for nine. We are very excited of becoming parents through open adoption. We promise that we will provide to your child the unconditional love we have received from our families.

About us

We met in Thailand in 2012 where we were on vacation with our respective groups of friends.  We were complete strangers but we chatted for the entire night about everything…It felt natural like talking to an old friend. Since that night, we have been inseparable. We got married in 2014 and moved to California in 2019. We recently bought a home in Novato and here we plan to root and expand our family.

We enjoy hiking, visiting new cities, hanging out with friends but most of all, we love our extended family and we try to meet them as much as possible, here and in Europe.

About Alessia (By Fabio)

Alessia’s self-confidence and determination struck me when I first met her; so small, yet so strong! She had a happy but challenging life and didn’t hesitate to become the family head when necessary. Her strength and resilience inspired me to make important decisions that I wouldn’t have taken by myself. She is a successful biologist that advocates for empowering women in scientific careers. Off work, she likes a dinner with friends, or doing Skype with her mother (she is in Italy). But most of all, Alessia enjoys being at home, cooking Italian food while listening vinyl records with her vintage LP player!

Alessia has friends all over the world; she is an extrovert and very genuine. She has stories of amazing life experiences that makes her interesting and wise. I can’t wait to see her sharing them with a child.

About Fabio (by Alessia)

Fabio joined me in the US in 2015 to start a new life together; I was so impressed of his courage to leave behind what he had for me. He has an amazing family in Spain, but immediately fell in love with this country and our life plan. He is a very social person, who loves the outdoors. Our beautiful community in Marin allows him to meet new people while doing all kinds of fun activities. Fabio is an engineer, working mostly from home, with an incredible curiosity for everything. He has a passion for any new learning opportunities and books.

Having our family far from us, makes us closer and we take good care of each other. Fabio is the perfect husband for this; he is the most caring, generous and kind man I have ever met! I know he will be a great example of all these qualities for a child.

Our Home

We own a cozy single-family home with a big patio full of plants and a majestic oak tree. Novato is a quiet little town, close to the beach, the mountains, and the city. A true gem in northern California! Here, we found a friendly community with excellent public schools, plenty of parks for outdoor activities and fun festivals during weekends.

Our Extended Family

Alessia’s family lives in Italy. Her mom, Carla, is a nurse and she is very caring, loving and fun. Alessia’s father passed away when she was 18 years old. Alessia is incredible close to her mom, and Carla visits us at least once a year and when retired, she is planning to spend even more time with us.

Fabio has a big family in Spain. His parents, Pepe and Maite, have been married for 43 years and were both teachers before to retire few years ago. Fabio has also two sisters, Theresa and Patricia, and a little nephew, Chemita, Patricia’s son. He loves spending time with them and keeping up with their family’s traditions.

Both families are over the moon about the idea of welcoming a baby into the family.

Our Wish for You

And this is us in a nutshell!  We hope that sharing a bit of our life will spark your interest to get to know us better. We’d love to meet you in person and whatever your decision will be, you have all our respect and admiration for considering adoption for your child.