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Meet Gema and Ivan

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Where We Live

We live in San Francisco, in a beautiful, safe and quiet neighborhood close to Crissy Field beach.

Favorite Holidays

Hiking in the mountains and ending up at the beach. Last year we started in Canada and finished in Hawaii!

Happy Places

Our beloved San Francisco and Spain, where we meet family and friends while enjoying good food and great moments!

Best Vacation

We have visited many different countries but we can't forget Tulum (Mexico), El Nido (Philippines) and Jordan.

Fun Facts

We love outdoor activities, big reunions with family and friends, and traveling looking for new adventures.

Hello! ¡Hola! We are Ivan and Gema, from Spain. We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our story. We consider you a brave woman for contemplating adoption.

We speak Spanish and English. We love travelling, sports, hiking and hanging out with friends and family.

We are really excited about the idea of will be first-time parents through open adoption. Gema has a work schedule that will allow her to be stay-at-home mom.

About Us

We met 16 years ago, when a common friend introduced us during a trip to Southern Spain. It was love at first sight!

We started dating since, and we married in 2011.  Our first time in San Francisco was during our honeymoon. What a coincidence that we are living here now!

We are lucky to live a city with great parks and amazing wildlife areas just a few miles away.

During the weekends and vacation we travel as much as possible. We have visited a lot of incredible places in the US, specially the National Parks.

We also enjoy going to music festivals, cinemas or spending a couple of days out of the city in the coast or the mountains.

We both enjoy outdoor activities since we were kids. Each of us has a younger sister and two lovely nephews and a sweet niece. We also have a lot of relatives: uncles, aunts, cousin, etc. We never get bored during our family celebrations!

We love to play and have fun! We have visited many theme parks and zoos with our nephews and niece, and we have had a lot of practice helping care for them.

In the future, we would love to continue doing many of these things with our child to come!

About Ivan, by Gema

Ivan is very friendly. I love his sense of humor; he is always making me laugh with his jokes and comments. He is a very good person with lots of friends. Ivan is loving and approachable, he transmits a peaceful feeling, and I always feel protected standing with him.

Ivan is a very proactive person. He loves to have fun, travel, hiking, discover a new lake or mountain, playing games outside, going out with friends, etc. He is always thinking what to do next!

Ivan is going to be a great father. He loves to play and spend time with our friends’ kids, and particularly with our nephews, Pedro and Guillermo, and Mariana, our niece and his goddaughter.

He enjoys visiting them during weekdays after work and planning things to do together during the weekends, such as going to the park, to the zoo, to the movies, or just having lunch together.

I feel really grateful to parent a child with Ivan. He will give the best of himself as a dad. He is excited about the idea of hiking with our child, playing tennis with him/ her and going to the park to play or to teach him/ her to ride a bike.

About Gema, by Ivan

Gema is pure kindness and sympathy. You will always see her with a big smile on her face.

Even though I’ve known her for more than 16 years, Gema continues to surprise me every day. I feel blessed that I found her and that she agreed to marry me.

Gema is a hard worker and a really intelligent person. She is very creative and loves painting with our niece or inventing a new game to play with our nephews.

Gema enjoys cooking, and she specially prepares delicious meals when we have people over for lunch or dinner. We all have fun!

I love Gema for her patience and understanding. She always thinks of others before herself, and she never complains. I know these qualities will make her a great mom.

She looks forward to sharing all her energy, vitlality and passion for life with our child.

Our Home

Living in San Francisco is great. It has big parks and amazing wilderness areas just a few miles away. We live in Marina district, a beautiful neighborhood close to the ocean and to the Presidio Park and Palace of Fine Arts.

The Marina has lots of schools, parks and libraries. It is a safe and quiet neighborhood, close to Crissy Field beach (where you can walk while watching sea lions). It is only 20 minutes by car to Muir Woods, where you can find the big redwoods.

Our home is a really cozy and spacious apartment with a big living room, full kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms, one big bedroom and another smaller.

It gets plenty of natural light and has amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Palace of Fine Arts, Pacific Heights and the Financial district. The views are stunning, you can see a big part of the city just sitting on the sofa.

We love to have breakfast and dinner together at home, while chatting about how was our day and planning next things to do during the weekend!

Family and friends

Our parents are very excited about a grandchild to come – as well as our sisters. For Gema’s parents he /she will be the first grandchild, and for her sister, Begoña, also her first nephew or niece.

We consider friends part of our family and many of them are really longstanding, as they go back to elementary school times! Most of them have a bunch of kids! We regularly see each other at picnics, parties, or doing different plans during the weekends.

One of our best friends adopted their child Eman from the Philippines. We love to spend time together, and we see each other very frequently.

Last year we traveled together to Philippines to accompany Eman on his visit to his origin homeland. His parents want to ensure he does not lose his roots and his cultural heritage, as we will also do in the future with our son or daughter.

It is our hope that our birth family will become part of our extended family/friend community. We also commit to ensuring that our son/daughter stays connected as much as possible to his/her birth culture, heritage and traditions.

Living in Spain

We have lived in San Francisco since 2016 because of Ivan’s job, but sooner or later we will return to live in Madrid, Spain.

Madrid is a warm and safe city, where people are really friendly and open-minded. There are great museums, universities, parks, cultural and leisure activities to do, etc.

The mountains are less than a one hour drive from the city center, and the beach is less than four hours by car or two by train.

Spanish people are very social people. We love to celebrate everything: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, soccer team victories, etc. So every weekend we meet our friends or family to celebrate something.

During summer vacation we go to the beach in the South coast of Spain, where we meet with Ivan’s family and many friends.

We love to do different activities with our nephews and nice everyday since we spend vacation in a big house all together.

We can’t wait for our child to play with his/her cousins!

Our commitment as parents

We would love to start our family through open adoption. We believe is the best way to complete our family as some of our closest friends have done.

We consider open adoption the most transparent alternative and honest approach to ensure that the adopted child can keep in contact with his /her birthmother and to know about where he /she comes from.

We are emotionally and financially stable. We will provide our child the opportunity to explore his/her interests. We will educate our child on the values of respect, love and discipline to be sure that she/he will be a good person when they grow up.

We are Catholic, so we will educate our child in the Catholic values too.

Although our plans include coming back to Spain sooner or later, we would like you to know that we will come back to America with our child as frequently as possible, as we do right now visiting our families in Spain.

We would like you to know that you will forever have a special place in our hearts and that we will be open and honest about our child’s birth history.

We would be glad to meet you to tell you more things about us and to clarify any additional questions you might have.

With love: Ivan and Gema.