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Meet Jason and Lauren

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Favorite Vacation

Lauren: Alaska
Jason: Utah- Bryce Canyon

Favorite Movie

Lauren: Jurassic Park
Jason: Iron Man

Favorite Household Chore

Lauren: Pulling Weeds
Jason: Grocery Shopping

Favorite TV Show

Lauren: The Office
Jason: Veronica Mars

Happy Places

Hiking, Mountains, Being Outdoors, Spending time with friends/family

Hi! We are Lauren and Jason from Martinez, CA . In Feb 2021 we were so happy to welcome our son Elijah (Eli) into our family through open adoption, and we are excited to grow our family once again. We are honored to be considered as an adoptive family for your child and admire the courage involve in making this decision. Thank you for this opportunity to share a little bit about our family.


Our Life/Home

We live on a small court in a quiet residential neighborhood in Martinez, CA. Less than a mile away there is an elementary school along with a large park that has a huge grassy area and play structures. Our weekends involve lots of play time at the park with our son and his friends, hikes in the local hills, walks around the neighborhood, or practicing Eli’s bike riding in our court or on the nearby bike trails.

Jason works as an Exercise Specialist for an outpatient cardiac rehab program and has been at the same job since 2006. Lauren works with clinical research trials as a Clinical System Developer and has been at her current job since 2012 (and works full time from home).

We love hiking and outdoors activities and our favorite vacations are traveling to different National Parks. Our house is decorated with scenic photos that remind of us of our favorite trips. We can’t wait to fill up the rest of our walls with more pictures of trips and adventures we take with our children.

About Lauren (By Jason)

Lauren has always had a love of sports, hiking and the outdoors. She spends most of her time outside with Eli: taking him to the park, long neighborhood walks in the stroller, or teaching him to kick a soccer ball and hit a baseball in the backyard. She can’t wait to watch Eli and his sibling play together outside and participate in activities they show an interest in and are passionate about.

Lauren and her brother are best friends and talk all the time, and I know how much she wants our kids to grow up together and have a sibling to share their life experiences with.

About Jason (By Lauren)

From when I first met Jason I always knew he would be the best Dad. He is always being silly with our son, and was the first one to get him to smile. He loves to take Eli outside at night to look at the moon and stars and teach him about all the planets. I know he will have so much fun helping the little ones in our home with homework, working on science fair projects, and learning about whatever topics spark their interest.

Jason is so close with his two brothers and he looks forward to taking our kids on camping trips to Yosemite and McCloud like he went on with his family when he was young.

Our Extended Family

We love spending time with family, whether it’s visiting Lauren’s mom and brother and going on a walk or out to lunch, or having a bbq with Jason’s family and swimming with his nieces in the pool. We are so happy that our extended families are all within an hour drive of where we live.

Thank You

Because we adopted Eli, we have a great respect and admiration for the steps you are taking to find the “right” family for you and your child. We thank you for taking the time to read our letter and get to know us. We are committed to open adoption and promise that your child will always know the story of where they came from and will always feel how many people love and care about them.


Lauren and Jason