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Meet Jeff and Natalie

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Where We Live

Mountain View

Favorite Holidays

Christmas and our Anniversary

Happy Places

Jeff: Game Kastle
Natalie: with a good book

Best Vacation

Germany in 2019

Fun Facts

Natalie's favorite animal is the Wombat
Our favorite sports team is the SF 49ers
Jeff works for Maxis

Hello! We met playing online games in 2012 and have been married since 2017.  We are passionate nerds.  Natalie loves to read, cook, and travel.  Jeff has an impressive collection of toys, miniatures, and games.  Thank you in advance for reviewing our profile!

Our Life

Our stable life in Silicon Valley is enriched by our close family ties nearby. We value communication, mutual respect, and compassion.  After discovering that we could not conceive, we decided that the right course for us was to pursue open adoption.  We have always wanted to raise a child together in a loving environment and are ready to take on that responsibility.

Thank you for considering us to raise your child.

Our Home

After living together in the bustling city of San Francisco for four years, we moved to the quieter suburb of Mountain View after our marriage.  We found a two bedroom apartment within walking distance of numerous parks and a fifteen minute drive from Jeff’s parents’ house.  Our complex is full of friendly families.  Our neighborhood is full of good restaurants and grocery stores; with a movie theater just down the street and a local Caltrain station.

Our Extended Family

Jeff’s family includes his mom and dad and younger sister and her husband.  We meet with them at least once a month to celebrate a birthday or holiday.

Natalie’s local family includes her brother, dad, aunt and uncle, and cousin with two children.  Her other cousin’s family, including their two kids, lives in southern California and comes up to the Bay Area frequently.

We both have a tight circle of lifelong friendships that we still keep in contact with.

Our Wish for You

Thank you again for considering us, a couple of loving gamer nerds, to be adoptive parents.  We wish you all the best at this time.  If you choose us, we are looking forward to meeting you to answer any questions you may have about how your child will grow up under our loving care.