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Meet Joann and Daryle

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Where We Live

Santa Clara

Favorite Holidays

Thanksgiving & Christmas

Happy Places

Local parks and sandy beaches

Best Vacation


Fun Facts

We're big sports fans. Our favorite sports teams are the Golden State Warriors, SF Giants and the 49ers.


Hello! We are Joann and Daryle from Santa Clara. We have been together for over 15 years and hope to share our loving home with a child. We are grateful for your interest in our profile as potential adoptive parents and admire your courage in this challenging decision. We look forward to sharing our family traditions and creating more memories with them.  Thank you for taking the time to review our profile.

Our Life

We met in January of 2003 during a mutual friend’s birthday party. After sharing a meal of quesadillas during the evening, we have developed a friendship and started dating in June during the same year. We married in 2007 in San Francisco and remain very close and can honestly say we are each other’s best friend. We are now looking forward to starting a family and share our loving and caring home with a child.

About Joann, by Daryle

Joann has a lot of love to share. She is the kindest and most considerate person I have ever known. She is truly selfless and thinks of others first. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to her friends and family whenever they need groceries or help with day-to-day errands when their own schedules don’t work out. She enjoys dog sitting whenever our friends go out of town and she also provides great baking and cooking advice to our friends whenever it becomes challenging to create new recipes. She also enjoys learning about other cultures and enjoys traveling and running whenever she can.

About Daryle, by Joann

Daryle loves kids and would be an excellent father. He enjoys teaching and explaining how gadgets work.  He is the hardest working person I know and truly the most considerate. He is genuinely kind and will do anything for other people. He will be the first person to help any of our friends move or help with home repairs as he is fantastic at trouble shooting and fixing the issues with the home.

I know Daryle would be an amazing father as he is patient and kind with his nieces and nephew while teaching them new skills on the computer or solving puzzles. He is full of energy and is always up early either to take Mika for a walk or work on his golf skills.

Our Home

We live in a townhouse in a residential Santa Clara neighborhood. Our home is walking distance from the park and nearby schools. The neighborhood is family-oriented and nearby other walking and cycling trails. We frequently go to the Farmer’s Market every Sunday for the freshest fruit and vegetables from the local farmers. We also go to local community events such as art festivals or drive to enjoy Fleet week in San Francisco. You can always find us spending time with family or friends or walking Mika, our labradoodle around the neighborhood.

Our Extended Family

Our friends and families live close by in the Bay Area, so we often get together for holiday and event gatherings. We participate in a variety of activities from golf to bowling. Joann’s sister has a close relationship with her, and they often travel together. She would enjoy planning Disney trips in LA or Florida. Several of Joann’s family members are adopted and we are close to them. We always support each other through our life events in celebrations or BBQs. We are also fortunate to have a close pod of friends that visit and watch movies and try different cuisines together.

Our Wish for You

We wish you love and courage in your decision and thank you for learning about us. Please know if we are considered we will love your child unconditionally and nurture your child into the best person they can be.  We will do our best teach him or her the daily life lessons of respect and kindness and to have strength and patience to achieve their dreams and goals. Your child will always know their background and will appreciate the journey that you made out of hope and love.