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Meet Megan and Torsten

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Where We Live

San Francisco, California

Favorite Holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas

Happy Place

The Beach!

Most Beautiful Place Visited


Fun Facts

Megan was adopted as a baby and Torsten grew up in East Germany.

We are very excited to be at this moment, ready to expand our family with a new addition. We are lucky to have teenage twins (from Torsten’s past marriage) in our lives and are all thrilled about the potential of adding a new little one to complete our family.

We invite you to take a journey into our life!


We are a low-key, relaxed family who loves to travel, cook, and stay active. We enjoy our weekend movie nights, Saturday trips to the farmers market, and exploring the world. We have been committed to each other for over 10 years and are excited for this next phase in our life.

Meet Megan, Written by Megan

I was adopted when I was 4 months old. I grew up in a very loving family, with an older sister in the suburbs. I met Torsten when his twins were 5 and I could tell right away what a good dad he was. Despite having a new formed family, I knew I always wanted to adopt a child of my own.

In my free time I like to catch up with my friends and family (who are spread out all over the US), cook, clean, shop, and go for runs. Lately, one of my favorite things is listening to books on tape!

Torsten, the twins, and I spend a lot of our free time traveling the world. It has bonded us over the last 10+ years and I love that its gets me out of my comfort zone, lets me try to new cuisines, and that it allows me to reset and refocus my perspective on life!

Meet Torsten, by Torsten

I grew up in Eastern Germany before the wall fell and always knew there was more out there for me. Being limited on where I could go as a child, fostered a deep desire to travel and see the world. I am a serial entrepreneur, with a constant stream of new ideas and things to try out.

I have always wanted a big family if I could afford it, and find that there are only positives to having children in your life. While my twins’ teenage years have offered new challenges for me particularly, it has been really exciting to help shape them into adults, ready to make the world a better place. We look forward to spending them with them every other weekend and for half the summer.

When we are not traveling, I love to cook, read, record podcasts, and go for long runs.

Do What You Love, Love What You Do!

Megan has always been fascinated by cities and gets to design buildings as an engineer. Torsten is an entrepreneur and has his own company, a travel blog and podcast and recently took up creating children’s books! We both love what we do and love that we have the flexibility to work from wherever and whenever.

Our Home

We live in San Francisco near the Golden Gate Bridge and love the conveniences of city living. We take advantage of being so close to the water and walk or run along the trails almost daily. At home, we spend most of our time in our kitchen cooking and eating and in the living room watching movies or TV on our projector! Our apartment roof has views of the bridge and we love watching the Blue Angels from up there! We often explore the city on foot and love to frequent the many coffee shops!

Our Loved Ones

We are both California transplants with siblings, extended family, and friends spread all over the world. We make it a priority to catch up with everyone via Whatsapp or FaceTime regularly and even plan vacations and trips to see everyone as much as we can. Locally, we are a very tight-knit unit and love spending quality time together. We have support from immediate family in San Francisco and very close friends and family not too far away.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read a little more about us. We are excited to get you know you and how, together, we can raise your child to be a happy, kind, motivated individual who is ready to tackle the world and make it a better place. We promise to love and raise your child like our own, teach them about where they come from, and give them the tools to develop into healthy adults.

Lessons we will teach your child:

Honesty – help them not lie to themselves and others, to develop their personal truth and how to act consistently with it.

Motivation/drive – fuel their passions and personal drive and find the things they strive for.

Giving back/service – everyone should find a way to give back and strive to being in the service of others.

Higher purpose/meaning of life – works towards being the best version of themselves

Being open and adaptable – live anywhere and connect truly with a community anywhere.