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Meet Sean and David

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Where We Live

We live in San Francisco, in a condo that feels like a house--a duplex that sits on the roof of the main building

Happy Places

Disney World

Best Vacation

The Southern Hemisphere in Northern Hemisphere winter!


Texas and Wisconsin

Where we Work

A lawyer and an engineer

Thanks for taking a moment to learn about us. We’ve been together for more than 10 years, over which we’re proud to have built a warm and comfortable home that we’re excited to share as we start a new chapter in our lives.

We’re advanced in our careers, financially secure, and ready to turn our attention to building our family.

About Sean, by David

When Sean is not snuggling the cats, he’s a lawyer with a law degree from Stanford. He manages the San Francisco office of his law firm. He and his office encouraged remote work and family-friendly in-office schedules even before Covid. Sean has worked on high profile cases, including the Proposition 8 same-sex marriage case.

Sean grew up as an only child in Austin,Texas. He spends his evenings reading and goofing around on his computer.

Sean has a broad range of interests and loves to learn. He’s an avid reader who also maintains a Latin-English translation program in his spare time. His eclectic nature is reflected in his undergraduate degree, which includes a double double major in Latin and English and minors in biology, philosophy, and government. Sean also loves coffee, chocolate, and ice cream.

About David, by Sean

David grew up in a large family in the Midwest and likes running and spending time outdoors, as well as taking on small projects around the house.

David moved to California almost two decades ago and still visits the Midwest quite often to visit his family. He has good friends from high school he tries to go on trips with yearly.

David is a mechanical engineer who manages a research group at a private company in the Bay Area. Companies all over the world hire me to invent new technologies. One of my inventions is being developed to make more energy efficient powders and will let patients use medication with greater comfort.

David enjoys his work but has plenty of time for hobbies both in and out of the home.

At home he enjoys taking on small projects around the house like gardening and building Lego sets that his father sends him when he’s done with them. He also enjoys biking, running and being outside in general in many of the beautiful parks in the bay area. He’s a bit of a dork – he occasionally goes to Star Trek conventions and enjoys playing bingo and board games.

Our Home

We live in San Francisco, in a condo that feels like a house:  It’s a duplex that sits on the roof of the main building. We’ve got a porch with a small garden and view of the bay. Our neighbors are retired surgeons. The building has families with kids of all ages. Although we live in a busy part of San Francisco, our corner of the neighborhood feels calm and has access to a number of parks where a little one can play with and interact with other children.

We have two cats and, to the cats’ chagrin, we often have a fish tank that is well secured against feline predators. Our older cat, Wiley was a tiny, cross-eyed kitten when we got him from the shelter. Now he’s kind of huge. Our other cat is playful and runs around the house looking for something to play with and/or a human who will scratch his chin.

Our Extended Family

We’ve got a huge extended family. David grew up as the oldest of 8 siblings. Although all of his family is still back in the Midwest, he’s very close with his extended family. Every year they go camping, or spend time in the family’s fishing cottage, or celebrate weddings and births of nieces and nephews. Often all of the above! Sean has a half sister and a very large extended family, including 14 cousins. His family is spread out across Texas and the Western states, but he’s closest to his mother, who lives a few hundred miles away.

Adoption is familiar to our family. David has an adopted sibling, and three of Sean’s cousins are adopted.

Together our families include a great deal of diversity, including close relations of Latin, Black, Native American, and Asian descent. Our families also include everything from doctors lawyers to social workers, teachers, firefighters, and a professional MMA fighter.

Important Lessons We Will Teach Your Child

It’s important to us that your child has the opportunity to be exposed to a wide diversity of experiences so they can lead the life their life in the best way for them. We value honesty, openness and compassion in all that we do.

Closing Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit about us. As you get to know us further, we think you’ll find we are the kind of parents that would give a child an excellent home and a balanced upbringing with just the right amount of growth and mischief to grow into a healthy and happy adult. We would be happy to meet you and look forward to hearing about your dreams and hopes for your child.