Tara Noone, MSW

Director of Adoptive Parent Services

Email: TaraN(at)AdoptionConnection.org
Tara built her family through open adoption with the help of Adoption Connection in 2008. A strong advocate for open adoption, Tara is excited to work formally with the adoption agency to help adoptive families and birth families build community together around adopted children. Tara has extensive experience in training, supervision, and outreach in a social work setting and in direct case management experience in prenatal health. She finds particular inspiration in knowing that every adoption story is exceptional and in contributing to the match by finding the right outcome for families.

Sarah Thompson, MSW

Adoption Coordinator

Email: SarahT(at)AdoptionConnection.org
Sarah is very passionate about the adoption field. As an adult adoptee, she has given presentations on adoption from the adoptee’s perspective and has served as a mentor for adopted kids. Sarah has worked in foster care, international and domestic infant adoptions in Chicago, Denver, and the San Francisco Bay Area. She enjoys working with the adoption triad (birth family, adoptive family, and the child) and believes an open adoption creates a stronger bond for all in the triad. In her role with Adoption Connection, Sarah works with the expectant parents and the adoptive family after they are matched and through relinquishment signing.

Nan Toder, LCSW

Stepparent/Domestic Partner Program Coordinator

Email: NanT(at)AdoptionConnection.org
Nan has held many positions at Adoption Connection in her 25+ years with the agency. Currently, Nan heads our Stepparent/Domestic Partner Adoption Program completing investigations to create two legal parents for a child. Stepparent or domestic partner adoption is appropriate if you and your spouse or partner recently remarried, created a child with the help of a donor, or one of you adopted a child as a single person.

Christina DeLeon

Administrative Manager of Adoptions

Email: ChristinaD(at)AdoptionConnection.org
Christina assists adoptive families starting with the domestic homestudy and continuing all the way through finalization, making sure that all of the important steps of the adoption process run smoothly from initial caseworker assignment to placement to court finalization. As the administrator of our interstate compact placement operations, Christina also ensures that all legal requirements are met and documentation is complete for out-of-state adoptions. She works closely with our regional caseworkers and attorneys during post-placement, and she answers the questions families ask as they finalize their adoption. Christina comes to Adoption Connection with extensive administrative experience in the medical field.

Malia Kane

Director of Outreach Services

Email: MaliaK(at)AdoptionConnection.org
Malia’s primary role is to help adoptive families craft their unique story through their adoption letter and online parent profile. The process of creating this material is never easy, and Malia has years of experience assisting individuals and couples from across the nation connect with expectant women. While waiting for the right open adoption match Malia educates and supports pre-adoptive families. Malia also assists expectant women who contact Adoption Connection, providing them with information and support they seek—from options counseling, referrals, information, to selecting an adoptive family. Her other roles include organizing and planning agency educational offerings, and strengthening the agency’s relationships with clinics, hospitals, and social service organizations.

Beth Miller

Marketing Manager

Email: BethM(at)AdoptionConnection.org
Beth manages and implements the marketing and community outreach strategies for Adoption Connection. She makes sure adoptive parents and birth mothers receive the information they need, and more importantly, find each other. As an adult adoptee placed at birth through a similar agency, her goal is to continue promoting the legacy and positive outcomes that Adoption Connection has enjoyed for over 30 years. Prior to her role at Adoption Connection, Beth served roles as a marketing and account director, marketing consumer software on the client side and consumer packaged goods on the agency side. With more than 20 years marketing expertise, Beth brings the latest digital marketing and lead generation strategies to her role, along with a wealth of communications expertise.

Adoption Connection’s staff also includes 14 licensed social workers (LCSW/MSW) or marriage and family therapists (MFT) who provide counseling and support to birth families and complete domestic homestudies and post-placement reports for adoptive families throughout Northern California.