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What is Open Adoption?

In an open adoption, the birth and adoptive parents choose one another, share information, and usually meet prior to the baby’s birth. Once revolutionary, open adoption is now a nationwide standard.

Why Choose Us?

Not all adoption professionals are the same. Adoption Connection is a licensed adoption agency and a trusted leader in newborn adoption.

Why choose Adoption Connection?

Meet Our Families

Get to know Adoption Connection’s pre-approved adoptive families who are ready and waiting to grow their families through open adoption.

A Birth Mother’s Story

When Alicia found out she was pregnant, she was relieved to learn about open adoption from JFCS’ Adoption Connection. Watch Alicia’s story about how she chose her son’s parents and how her open adoption has shaped her life.

One Mother’s Journey

Explore one woman’s path to placing her baby into a loving home of her choice with the help of Adoption Connection.

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