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A Joyful, and Enduring, Connection

When Drew and Flavio met more than eight years ago, they discovered—to their delight—that one of the interests they shared was in raising a family. “I wanted to find a partner with a child who wanted to have another child,” says Flavio, a Brazilian-born psychologist.

Becoming a Family

November is National Adoption Month. Let’s all take a few minutes to educate ourselves better about adoption.

Daniela’s Open Adoption Story

Although I find this very difficult to write, I understand just how many people making a decision about sharing their child in an open adoption may be helped. Let me please begin by saying that placing a baby for adoption is by no means an easy decision, or something you will come to terms with overnight

Sam’s Sister: An Adoption Book for Both Kids and Adults

Adoptive families raising small children right now are fortunate to have access to a wide variety of children’s books about adoption. Book’s such as A Mother for Choco, Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born and A Tale of Two Daddies, as well as many others

Father’s Day Thank You

It seems just like yesterday that I met my son, Brett, for the first time in Las Vegas, Nevada. I remember holding him in my arms with his head in my hand. We looked into each other’s eyes for the longest time. I was trying to imagine all he had just been through, having just been born

Mother’s Day Musings

My relationship to Mother’s Day has shifted substantially over the years. It didn’t mean a great deal to me until life surprised me with fertility struggles. Once it became clear that achieving parenthood was going to be an emotionally and physically draining obstacle course,

Being a Birth Mother

There are so many misconceptions about open adoption, adoptive parents, and birth parents. By sharing a little bit of my own open adoption journey, I hope some of these misconceptions will be clarified.

The Adoption Parenting Grass Isn’t Always Greener, or Is It?

Thirteen years ago this month, my husband and I made a road trip to Riverside, CA, to meet a pregnant woman. Two months after that first meeting, our son was born and placed in our care by his birth mom.

Text Messaging As First Adoption Contact

Your Adoption Parent Profile is done, and you’ve decided to include a personal cell phone number so that an expectant mother can call you directly. Instead of getting a phone call, you hear a “ping” on your phone and receive a text message: "Hi! Are you still looking for a baby?"

The Adoption Entrustment Ceremony

Creating meaningful ritual in open adoption Rituals have always been used to signify a change or rite of passage, or to mark a transition in the life of a person or community. Although they are often interwoven with religious traditions, rituals can be anything that symbolizes and celebrates a life change. 
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