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Meet Angela and Jeremy

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Where We Live

San Francisco across from a park and 1 block from a library

Favorite Holiday Tradition

Angela: baking Christmas cookies
Jeremy: playing board games with family

Happy Places

Angela: walks by the water
Jeremy: playing catch at the park


Angela: painting, reading, exercise
Jeremy: piano, trumpet, Rubix Cube

Our Jobs

Angela: working with Teachers and Students
Jeremy: CTO for Mental Health Company

Hello, we are Angela and Jeremy from San Francisco California. We appreciate your courage and strength, we can only imagine this decision is weighing heavily on your mind. We have a lot of love to give, and have been trying to welcome a baby into our home for 5 years years but unfortunately been unsuccessful. We are both very grateful for the opportunity to nurture and support a child together with you, through open adoption. We are both in our 30’s, grew up in the midwest, and have been happily married for over 10 years. Angela works in education supporting teachers and students. Jeremy works in health and wellness supporting those suffering from mental illness. If a home filled with laughter, learning, and love, is a dream for you and your child, we would be honored to be considered by you! We hope to learn more about you and we hope to meet you soon!

Our History

We met in the Midwest where we both went to college, through family and friends. We have been together for 15 years and married for 11. We met in our early 20’s and have loved growing together! We have been together so long that we have many inside jokes and can correctly guess what the other is thinking without words. We moved to San Francisco seven years ago, we do not miss the freezing Midwest winters! We love the parks, sunshine, and amazing friends we have formed since moving to our family-friendly neighborhood.

We both care deeply about serving our community and families in need. We volunteer and serve on the Safe and Sound committee protecting at-risk youth and families in San Francisco.  Angela is also a board member for the Oakland Literacy Coalition, which supports student learning for at-risk youth in the East Bay.

Meet Angela (from Jeremy)

Angela has a knack for becoming everyone’s best friend.  She’s your biggest cheerleader, shoulder to cry on, and source of tough love when you need it.  When you watch Angela with children, you can see a perfect mix of thoughtful compassion and skillful guidance.  Angela has her Master’s degree in Education and taught in early childhood general and special education classrooms for 7 years, so she’s the go-to friend for all things child-related.  More than anyone I know, Angela will be wonderful at raising a child, and I am so lucky she has chosen to have that family with me.  She has endless energy to play with and teach our child, whether it be reading them a book, taking them to a park or zoo, or just watching over them play with their friends.  She will provide love, safety, support, and discipline to ensure our son or daughter will have the very best life possible.

Meet Jeremy (from Angela)

Jeremy is very kind and supportive to all of his friends and family. Jeremy is always the gentleman in our group to walk a female friend home from a neighborhood party if it gets too late, to make sure she gets back safely.

I cannot imagine a better man to be a Dad than Jeremy. Jeremy will be a very-hands on Dad and is excited to teach his child many things about the world. He has formed a close bond with our friend’s son Jack and has taught him how to play catch and how to play on the piano. Jeremy is the man who lights up the group making everyone feel welcome and also making everyone laugh! He will be the Dad to make his baby giggle, carry his toddler on his shoulders, and roll on the ground tumbling or playing ball with his little boy or girl! Jeremy is very excited and can’t wait to be a Dad!

Jeremy works from home and leads engineering for a health and wellness startup. Jeremy loves mentoring new software engineers as well as developing creative technology ideas. In school Jeremy developed his love for music where he played the trumpet and piano. He continues his love for both music and technology and is excited to teach his future son or daughter!

Our Home and Neighborhood

We live in San Francisco across from a park and one block from a library.  We have a number of friends with small children that live in the same neighborhood. We enjoy park dates, storytime at the library, stroller walks, and movie nights with them and now  are looking forward to many more to come that will include our child. We have enjoyed helping our friends by watching their young baby and toddlers. Our baby will come into a community with friends waiting to play!

Our home is filled with sunshine that comes in from big windows in the living room and there is plenty of room to run and play. We have a big kitchen that is perfect for family meals. We have already begun collecting children’s picture books and toys for our future baby!  Angela’s family lives close by in San Jose, CA. Her brother is a big sports fan and looks forward to taking his nephew or niece to many games and teaching them how to play ball! Her sister and Mom are especially excited to bake cookies, take long walks, and plan fun day trips with our child! We are all very close and look forward to having a fuller house for holiday celebrations, cookouts, Birthdays, etc.!

Thank You!

We look forward to meeting you. We all have stories that make us the people we are today. We would love to get to know you more and share with you what has made us the people we are today. We also look forward to learning about your hopes and dreams for your child. We cannot understand what you are going through but we can imagine it is a time filled with questions and uncertainties. One thing you can be certain of, if you choose our family, is that your child will be loved, supported, and kindly encouraged to be their best. We both want to create a loving and positive home where everyone feels supported and happy. We value education, hard work, respect, and kindness to others.  We will be open ears to listen to any of their worries or fears, will hug them if they have any nightmares, and be their biggest fans at every sports or extracurricular event of their choice. We welcome a continued relationship with you so that you may keep updated on all of their milestones and successes throughout life. We value your history as it is part of theirs. We will help them learn about their background, culture, and history, as much as you are comfortable.