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Meet Anna and Todd

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Where We Live

Across the street from the world's best playground, in Moss Beach, CA

Favorite Holidays

We both love Halloween

Happy Places

Anna is happiest in the garden or her studio. Todd loves to be at the beach, and on the water.

Number of Siblings

Anna has a brother and sister. Todd has a half brother, a step brother and sister, and over 200 foster siblings.

Favorite food

Homemade pizza: Anna makes crust and sauce, Todd is in charge of toppings.

Hello, We’re Anna & Todd!

We’re excited to adopt and raise a child and serious about creating a great home. We’re responsible and kid-ready: with life experience to know what we want, jobs that give us both financial security and time to devote to a child, and a really supportive family.

I'm Anna

I make stuff: gardens, clothes, food, a warm and welcoming home. I’m an engineer by training, a designer by profession and an artist at heart.

My mom taught me to garden. We planted our first vegetable garden together when I was seven, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I grow vegetables, flowers and plants to dye fabric.

My dad taught me to use power tools, hang drywall, and not to be afraid of building things – or taking them apart. I was his helper in the old house we lived in that always needed repairs or improvements. I’ve always got a project going.

My grandmother taught me to sew and cook traditional Czech foods. She taught me the right ways to do things and the joy of improvising. I cook some of her signature meals and have created a few of my own.

I want to teach these things to my own child – to share the fun of creating and to pass on family traditions to a new generation.

I'm Todd

The truth is I’m a joker and a human jungle gym. I believe in being warm and friendly to everyone and relating to kids on their level.

I want my child to be happy, and more important, to thrive. I think the key to this is making a super-inclusive home that celebrates this child’s uniqueness and emphasizing that love and family are more important than everything else.

I come from a family that includes half and step siblings, as well as sisters and brothers who joined us as foster kids. Because I grew up around foster kids, I believe family includes who you choose, and I’m especially close to my foster-sister, Caroline, and her kids. Our family includes Caroline’s birth family, too. We’ve had a really positive relationship for 30 years.

For the birth mother and family we match with, we are excited to include you all as a part of our big family, and we know what that takes.

A Kid Can Just Be a Kid Here

Our home is a loving, safe place, with a happy dog, two crazy cats, and a creek that runs through the yard.

We live in Moss Beach, a small town on the coast south of San Francisco. We’ve got a strong community, great neighborhood schools, and nature everywhere you look.

The world’s best playground is in our neighborhood; it was designed by the local elementary school kids and built by our local parents.

Half Moon Bay is just a few miles away. We’re at the beach often to kayak, sail, have a picnic, or just to walk with Beatrix our dog and watch for whales. Todd teaches boating classes at the local club.

The tidal pools every Bay Area kid grows up with for school field trips are just minutes away and one of our favorite places to explore with visiting kids.

Anna tends a large garden, grows a lot of our own vegetables, and keeps the house filled with flowers. She’s also got an obsession with textiles —weaving, dyeing and making clothes — and has a studio set up at home.


We're a Village

Our family includes adults, kids, and babies of all shapes, colors and sizes. We include our close friends in our definition of family.

We’ve got four grandparents in our family who are very involved and give the best of themselves to each of their grandchildren.

Some of us joined through foster care and grew to become permanent, close members of the family. Caroline joined Todd’s family as a foster child when they were kids. She’s mom to the littlest of our nieces.

Directly across the street from us lives Debi, Todd’s older stepsister. She’s just as much of a rascal as her dog, Carl. Debi helped raise Todd and has her own grown daughter, Shelby.

Seriously Though...

Together with our friends and family, we’re an honest, responsible little village that’s serious about working together for all children.

We’re serious about teaching kids what’s right, honoring each child’s individuality, and creating a world for them that’s safe and filled with love and opportunity.

Of course, we’re also very serious about fun and believe that includes plenty of spontaneous adventures, get-togethers and frog catching in the creek.

If we feel like the right match for you, reach us through Adoption Connection via phone or email:


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