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Meet Ben and Lydia

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Where We Live

Noe Valley, a friendly, sunny suburb of San Francisco

Favorite Holidays

Christmas with family in Tennessee

Happy Places

Coffee shops, parks, and strolling the streets

Best Vacation

Seeing the beautiful nature and volcanoes in Chile!

Fun Facts

We met in Florida but fell in love when Ben went to visit Lydia while she was living in the Czech Republic!

Hello! We are Ben and Lydia living in Noe Valley within San Francisco, CA. We met each other out of college in Florida, but when Lydia moved to the Czech Republic to teach English, Ben had to visit her. We fell in love during our busy backpacking trip through Austria, Hungary and the Czech! Our families are in Tennessee but we love California. We feel very fortunate to be included in your journey as you consider adoption for your child.

About Us

We are in our 30s and so excited to bring a child into our family. We strongly desire to grow our family and can’t wait to adventure with our future son or daughter. We hope that you will sense the love, care and joy we can bring to your child. We have flexible work schedules which will allow us to co-parent and provide amazing experiences for your child.  Should you choose to bring us into your life to support and raise your child, we will be forever honored. This decision isn’t easy, but we are so excited to become parents.

Our Home

Our home is a bright and cheery one bedroom apartment in the family friendly suburb of Noe Valley with a nice-sized kitchen and bathroom. There are wood floors and many windows bringing in lots of sunlight. We love the characteristic charm of our apartment and can’t wait to snuggle into our comfy couch with our baby. Our neighborhood is safe and lively during the day, calm at night. We’re walking distance to local restaurants, the park, a grocery store and a gym. We can’t wait to walk to the park with our child and enjoy treats at Noe Valley Bakery or Mitchell’s Ice Cream! (It’s the best!!)

Ben can’t wait to play soccer with his new little buddy at the local park, a 10 minute drive away.

Lydia can’t wait to read books, make guacamole and tacos and play in the park. We love being goofy around the house and already have tons of nicknames for our child.

About Ben - by Lydia

Ben is the best partner for me and will make an incredible father. He is silly and kind and sensitive. He is very dedicated and when he sets a goal, he becomes disciplined to get there. I know he will help our child discover new things and reach their highest goals. Ben is intelligent and loves to learn. He values fitness, nutrition, and strong relationships. I can already see him spending a day with our child, playing soccer, then coming home to order a pizza and get comfy to watch a sci-fi together.

Ben is a family man and cares deeply about those relationships. Ben is responsible and plans so well for the future, by taking care of his health, our finances and more. Ben can’t wait to kick around the soccer ball at the local park with his new teammate!

About Lydia - by Ben

Lydia is a very social extrovert who loves relationships. She loves to explore and travel. She has a strong passion to work toward social justice and equality for everybody in the world, starting with her under-resourced teens right here in the Bay Area. She keeps in close touch with all of her friends and family, with frequent calls.

She is active, and can outpace me walking down the street anytime… even after going to the gym, especially if we are headed to go shop, or to get something to eat. She is an optimist who always believes the best of people and situations.

All About Lydia

I’m so ready to parent! There are so many adventures that will be better with a kid in tow. Art and concerts are a pretty big part of my life and I seek out opportunities to go with friends. After a long day at work, I also appreciate some Netflix and chill time. I value my relationships deeply and so I try to spend time with friends and family on free nights and weekends. My sister lives nearby with her husband and three children.

I really enjoy working out. It is a huge stress reliever for me and so I try to do something active 4-5 times a week. Additionally, I like to dance and will sometimes take a hip hop class. I really enjoy trying new restaurants and drinking the delicious coffee found in San Francisco.

I work in education because I believe it is foundational for success and happiness. Youth are often over-looked and I so value their perspective and love being a part of their journey of self-discovery. I have taught ESL, English and now work with students in the non-profit setting where we help them become entrepreneurs in high school.

All About Ben

I’m a techie, a hobbyist, a goofball, a musician, and a youngest child. I’m often trying to get people to laugh. I love to get swept away pondering new ideas from sci-fi to personal health to global economics. I enjoy cranking out a hard day’s work at my tech startup job in Menlo Park, then getting in some good exercise. I like to focus on eating right as I’ve found it helps me to achieve my goals and keeps my energy up.

My main hobby is soccer. Several times a week I drive down to a nearby park to play a pickup soccer game with the local soccer community. I love parks of all kinds. Getting outside on a nice day with some snacks and throwing a frisbee can sometimes be the best way to enjoy a weekend. Sometimes I play acoustic guitar at night to relax. Lydia says I’m always tinkering in new hobbies, learning about something new, then moving on to learn about another one.

I love making up silly phrases or giving Lydia a new goofy name. She just laughs and shakes her head and says “Oh my gosh, you are so ready to be a dad.”

Our Extended Families

Ben comes from a big family who all live in Franklin, Tennessee. We love visiting them twice a year and getting covered in hugs from all nine nieces and nephews!

Lydia comes from a big family who live all over, from Tennessee to Canada! Lydia’s sister is just an hour drive away in the East Bay with three of her nieces and nephews. We all get together once or twice a year at my parents’ house or at a location on a lake or in a mountain to enjoy nature. My family is a game-playing, dinner-making crew and our gathering are full of lots of laughter and good times.

Our Hopes and Dreams as Parents

We intend to raise our child in a household of unconditional love, to encourage our child to be curious, make friends, be kind, considerate, thoughtful, and have fun. We pledge to enable & support them without judgment as they grow into their true self, whatever that may look like.

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to get to know us.