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Meet Brad and Andy

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Where We Live

San Francisco, CA

Favorite Holidays

Brad: Thanksgiving
Andy: Christmas

Happy Places

Brad: the lake
Andy: the mountains

Best Vacation

Watching the winter Olympics in Pyeong Chang, South Korea

Fun Facts

In 2016 we both took a leave of absence from work and traveled the world for 6 months, visiting 16 countries.

Hello! We are Brad and Andy, a happily married couple in our mid-30s who live in San Francisco, California. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and for considering us to be fathers to your baby. We understand what a difficult decision you have in front of you, and if you select us to raise your baby we promise to be supportive and understanding throughout this journey.

About us

We met 4 years ago in San Francisco. Brad was on his way to a holiday party (dressed in an ugly Christmas sweater) when the two of us met up for our first date. There was an immediate connection as we realized how much we have in common – large, supportive families, a shared interest in travel, incredible college tales, and childhoods we cherish so much; something we are eager to create for your child. After spending time getting to know each other that day we both knew that this was going to be a relationship that would last a long time. Sure enough, about two years later, Andy proposed to Brad in the beautiful Italian city of Vernazza, Cinque Terre.

Together, we are always up for adventures whether that be traveling, skiing, hiking, or getting out and about in the city. We also enjoy spending time with our family. We both come from large families with a lot of nieces and nephews (10 total). Quality time together is also very important to us. Nothing beats a night at home, just the two of us hanging out, playing cards, having a glass of wine, and sharing the highs and lows of the week. Recently, the main topic has been family planning, and we are so excited!

About Brad in Andy's words

Brad grew up in Reno, NV amongst a very fun-loving, supportive family.  He studied Business at the University of San Diego which ultimately landed him in San Francisco working HR with Silicon Valley tech startups.

Brad is one of the most selfless people I have ever met, he’s always thinking of ways to show his support.  He is passionate about his family and will do anything for them. I love how he makes it a priority to stay in touch with good college friends, planning their ongoing annual get together. Many of Brad’s friends have kids and look at Brad as one of their uncles. He loves to laugh and has the best sense of humor! By watching Brad interact with our extended families over the years I have witnessed his love for kids, he’ll be an incredible dad. From coloring with them to teaching them their Italian family recipes, to playing sports in the backyard, the kids have a very natural draw to him.

Brad has a side of him that is adventurous and seeks adventure, but it is well-balanced with the side of him that reminds us to slow down sometimes and enjoy the art of relaxing. I think our personalities compliment each other very well in this regard, making us a great team!


About Andy in Brad's words

Andy grew up in Sioux City, Iowa with a big, extended, loving family.  After going to college at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Andy kept on moving West and ended up here in San Francisco with a job at Goldman Sachs. Andy continues to work in Finance in San Francisco today.

Andy is ambitious and driven in every area of his life. I couldn’t be more proud of the career he has created for himself. He is the glue that keeps most of our friend groups together. Andy exudes positivity and always looks at the glass half-full. He has a giant heart and he would do anything for anyone. Andy is the life of every dance floor and the rock of our family foundation. His endless energy with his nieces and nephews never ceases to amaze me. Whether it’s putting on a circus with them, playing hide and seek, arts and crafts, or swimming all day on family vacations, he always puts their happiness first. It’s this same energy that keeps us so active. Andy has an adventurous spirit and finds solace in nature, which is why we travel so much and spend so much time outdoors. Andy’s Midwest values mixed with a west coast lifestyle are the perfect recipe for him to become the dad I know he is.


Our home

We reside in Presidio Heights in San Francisco.  One of the best things about our location is that we are located at the front gates of the Presidio Park which opens the door to endless exploration and nature. We are a quick, two-minute drive to the Golden Gate Bridge and Crissy Field Beach. On Saturdays, we enjoy getting coffee and taking our Goldendoodle, Ollie, to the beach to run around.  We often spend Sunday afternoons in the Presidio during the spring and summer months. Our building is quaint (12 units) and filled with newly-married couples and a few first-time parents.  We share a backyard with our neighbors and have access to a BBQ and some lawn furniture, which we utilize from time to time. The inside of our apartment is open, cozy, functional, and our sanctuary.  We recently made adjustments to our living room to make it feel even more at home and welcoming. When it comes to game nights or sharing a cooked meal with friends, we usually host. Our apartment is perfectly set up, we are just missing the sound of a baby’s footsteps!


Our family

Andy’s parents currently live in Sioux City, Iowa and Brad’s in Reno, NV. We see our parents several times throughout the year as both sets of parents frequent the Bay Area, and we travel home quite a bit on various occasions. Our parents and extended families are very loving and supportive of us both as a married couple and as future parents. Andy has three older sisters and Brad has one older sister. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with our siblings, their spouses, and their kids who will all be very hands-on with your child. Every July, Andy’s family goes to Minnesota for a week filled with water sports, fishing, volleyball, movies, and family time.  We alternate holidays between the two families (traveling either to Iowa or Reno for Thanksgiving and Christmas). We enjoy quick trips to Reno for graduations, weddings, birthdays, or just because we want to see Brad’s family. Every Christmas Brad’s family gets together to make homemade ravioli (a family recipe that has been passed down several generations). We daydream about the first time we bring our baby to a family gathering. Your baby will have the love and support to last a lifetime in our tribe!

Our promise

We can’t imagine the complexity of the decision you have in front of you. If you decide to build your adoption plan with us, we promise to make the transition as seamless as possible, respect your decisions, and to always remind your child how brave you are to make a decision like this. We promise to provide your child with endless love, daily laughter, guidance, dance parties, safety, a healthy way of life (sprinkled with cookies, cupcakes, and pies), adventure, amazing extended family, stable education, and a platform for success. Thank you for your consideration in letting us give your child an incredible life!