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Meet Cathie and Jason

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Where We Live

San Francisco Bay Area

Favorite Holidays

Jason loves Thanksgiving.
Cathie loves Christmas.


Jason loves traveling and sports.
Cathie loves scrapbooking and making/decorating sugar cookies.

Favorite Vacation Spots

We love going to Lake Tahoe, Monterey area, and Hawaii.


We have one rescue dog, named Posey.

Hello!  We are Cathie and Jason.  We live in a beautiful and quiet tree-lined cul-de-sac community, approximately 50 miles south of San Francisco. Both of our families live in the Bay Area, so we’re able to get together with them often. We have been married for over 11 years and are excited to start our family through adoption. We know this is not an easy decision for you, and we hope that you will choose us to be a part of this journey.

Our Story

THANK YOU so much for taking the time to get to know us.  We hope to give you a sense of what our family is like.

We met over 13 years ago when Cathie was invited to a family dinner by her good friend, who happens to be Jason’s cousin.  Jason was out of town that weekend, but Cathie met Jason’s mom, Libby, at the dinner, and apparently, Cathie made a good impression.  Jason’s mom saw something special in Cathie and immediately told Jason that he had to meet her.  Jason’s mom was quite the matchmaker, and we have now been married for over 11 years.

We’ve had an incredible marriage thus far full of adventures, travels, and spending time with family and friends.  The only thing missing from our life is a child. We have wanted to expand our family for many years now, and after years of unsuccessfully trying to have a baby, we are excited to start our family through adoption.

Our Personal Connection with Adoption

Jason was actually adopted himself.  His birthmother passed away from cancer when he was six years old.  However, before she passed away, she and Jason’s dad were at a party and one of their acquaintances, Libby, was at the party as well.  That night, Jason’s mom told his dad that when she passes away, he should marry Libby.  Jason’s mom obviously had great intuition for who would make a great wife for Jason’s dad and a wonderful mother to Jason and his younger brother, because a couple of years later, his dad got re-married—to Libby!  After Jason’s dad and Libby got married, Libby legally adopted Jason and his brother.  It was Jason’s birthmother’s greatest wish that they remained close with her side of the family, which Libby embraces as her own.

In addition to Jason and his brother being adopted, two of Jason’s cousins are also adopted, so we are very familiar with how positive adoption can be.

About Jason (by Cathie)

Jason is my best friend and will make an amazing father to our child. He is family-oriented, thoughtful and funny. He often likes to surprise me with special weekend get-away trips, concert tickets to my favorite performers, or little notes of encouragement.

I often joke that he should be a travel agent because he enjoys planning trips and traveling. I know he’s looking forward to sharing his travel passion with our child and exploring our favorite vacation spots through a new lens as a parent. Recently, we took a family vacation to Hawaii with Jason’s family. I loved watching Jason interact with our three year old nephew and 6 month old niece over the week long vacation. From helping our nephew learn to body surf, to looking for geckos, to reading bed-time stories, I could picture our life with our child and Jason as a fun-loving father.

I love the close relationship that Jason has with his parents. He and his dad enjoy cheering on the Bay Area sports teams. They also love to enjoy delicious meals and try to have lunch together weekly. I know how excited Jason is to have the same type of relationship with his own child that he has with his parents.

About Cathie (by Jason)

Cathie is thoughtful, caring, and compassionate, and will be an amazing mom. For example, each week Cathie takes time out of her busy schedule to bake muffins for me to eat for breakfast at work, and she also packs fruit for me, so that I always have a healthy snack.

Cathie has never met a child she did not want to nurture. From the age of five, she would pretend her bedroom was a classroom and would “teach” her dolls and then her two younger sisters, to present day where she has been a public school teacher for the past 19 years.  Cathie knew from a very young age that nurturing children was her “calling.”

She is able to make such a big difference in children’s lives and finds her work to be extremely rewarding. She loves helping her students foster a love of reading and learning and can’t wait to instill these qualities in our own child.

Cathie is very fortunate to work in an area of education that allows her schedule to be flexible in order to meet the needs of a growing baby and child. She will be able to spend time at home with our child and, once she returns to work, she will be able to spend her holiday vacations and summer vacation months at home with our child.

Home Sweet Home

We live in a beautiful and quiet tree-lined cul-de-sac community, approximately 50 miles south of San Francisco. We instantly fell in love with our neighborhood and could picture our child learning to ride a bike in the front yard or having impromptu neighborhood gatherings on warm summer nights playing on the grass with the other neighborhood children. We live within walking distance to the neighborhood schools, local library, and an enormous park, where our child will be able to run and explore.

We love our house! It is a four bedroom, open-concept ranch style single family home with a pretty backyard where our dog loves to play and sunbathe. We can picture our child spending lots of time outside running around chasing our dog, riding his/her bike, or enjoying family meals and gatherings.

Our house has a huge island in the kitchen, creating a lovely open-concept living space, where our child will always have plenty of room to grow and play. We can picture our child sitting at the island to help bake, cook, play games, work on homework, and hang out with his/her family and friends. We can’t wait to have a child to run around and giggle throughout the house and neighborhood.

Thank You

Thank you for reading our letter and taking the time to get to know us. We are ready to become parents for the first time and, with the blessings of our family and friends, we will continue to have a wonderful support network surrounding us.  After witnessing the joy that children have brought to the lives of our siblings and friends, we are excited about adding a child to our family.  We plan to raise our child to value family, responsibility, kindness, respect, education, work ethic, spirituality, and diversity.


We know this is not an easy decision for you and we hope that you will choose us to be part of this journey.  Together, we will plan the level of contact that feels right for us all so that we can help our child live his or her best life.