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Meet Janna and Simon

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Places We Have Lived

• San Francisco, California
• Brooklyn, New York
• London, England
• Falmouth, England
• Southington, Connecticut

Dream Travel Destinations

• Machu Picchu, Peru
• The Narrows, Zion, Utah
• Riding the Orient Express
• The Dolomites, Italy
• Petra, Jordan

Hobbies And Interests

• Music (Simon's a DJ)
• Collecting Lego
• Traveling
• Climbing
• Reading


Simon - Creative Retoucher
Janna - Non Profit Finance


Our two rescue cats,
Rambo & Tootles

Hello from Janna and Simon in San Francisco, California!

We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to grow our family through open adoption and thank you for your courage and the love you are showing your baby.

We admire you for considering adoption and would be grateful if you would consider us as possible parents for your child. We are very excited about welcoming a child into our lives and look forward to building a healthy, respectful relationship with you.

We hope our profile will give you a sense of the world we hope to share.

If you would like to learn more about our life together, please follow the Social Profile link below.

Our Life Together

We met in 2008 through mutual friends on Janna’s very first day moving to England. We were both living in London at the time. We realized right away we have very similar senses of humor and we became fast friends. We started dating several months later and we have been happily together ever since.

After we were married in 2012, we considered moving to England, where Simon grew up. We both love England. We visit Simon’s hometown at least once a year, and we can’t wait to take our child for bike rides through the English countryside, just like Simon used to do with his Mom and Dad.

But, Simon had previously visited San Francisco on a University trip and fell in love with the Bay Area. After a lot of thought, we decided to move to California where we’ve put down roots and look forward to starting a family.

Janna’s best friend and his wife adopted and seeing all the love surrounding their daughter through open adoption, we knew that we were meant to follow the same path. We can’t wait to welcome a child of our own and look forward to creating many happy family memories.

About Simon in Janna’s Words

Simply put, Simon is my best friend. His dry (and very British) sense of humor never fails to make me laugh out loud. He always supports me and never lets me down.

Simon is a devoted husband, son, brother and uncle. He is one of the kindest and most loyal people I know, especially to his family and long-time friends.

Simon’s career is also his passion. He has a degree in Fine Art Photography and works as a creative retoucher. He is self-employed so works from home making his own schedule, which will allow him to be a very hands-on father to our child.

Simon sees and photographs everyday events and makes them beautiful, and I can’t wait for him to help our child see the world around them in the same way. He’s also an accomplished DJ – I love how his eyes light up when he’s telling me about new music he’s discovered. I admire his creativity and talent and I know he looks forward to helping to nurture our child’s creative side.

I have no doubt Simon will be a fantastic father. His natural curiosity, fun-loving outlook, and love of life are contagious and I’ve seen the joy he gets running around the park or quietly reading a book to our nieces and nephews. I can’t wait to watch him enjoy those activities and more with our own child.

About Janna in Simon’s Words

From the moment I met her, I knew Janna was special. Janna is one of the most caring, thoughtful people that I have ever met. My favorite part of each day is coming home to catch up and hear about one another’s day.

Janna has a big heart and loves animals. Every weekend you can find her volunteering at the local animal shelter. I’m pretty sure she’d rescue them all if she could. She dreams of our child having a dog of their own to walk and play and grow up with.

She has a very positive outlook on life that carries over into everything she does. Janna works at a small nonprofit organization that fights economic inequality. She desires to give back and make a positive difference, and I can’t wait for her to model the values of acceptance and community to our child.

Janna is very close to her family on the East Coast, where she grew up. She is excited to introduce our child to all the sights and sounds of New York City where she lived for over 10 years and to collect shells and play on the beach in Florida where her Dad and Stepmother live.

Janna lights up around children. She’s an amazing aunt to our nieces and nephews. She loves the time we get to spend with them, playing board games and craft making. I know she is going to make a great mother and has so much to give and teach our child.

Our Home

We love living in San Francisco. Our neighborhood is close to a great park with swings and jungle gyms and good schools. Lots of our neighbors are friends, which gives us a real sense of community. We live within walking distance to downtown where we can enjoy all the city has to offer. On weekends we love to walk and explore the city, visit a museum (especially photography exhibits since Simon is a photographer) or go see a movie on a rainy afternoon. We also love getting out of the city, exploring all the beauty that California has to offer.

At home we love spending time with friends, cooking and laughing. We have a small backyard where we barbecue and have a small herb garden. Although our green thumbs don’t come all that naturally, we can’t wait to get our hands dirty and plant the garden with our child.

Most weekend nights are spent watching movies on the couch snuggling with our lovable cats, Rambo & Tootles. We are really excited about it someday being the five of us cuddled up for movie night as a family.

We love where we live but are so looking forward to the day when our house really becomes the home of our dreams with a child running around it.

Our Promise

We believe it takes a tremendous amount of love to consider open adoption and we are so honored to be considered as adoptive parents to your baby.

We are committed to loving your child unconditionally and to providing a home filled with openness, respect, kindness, laughter and joy. We will do everything we can to give your child every opportunity to follow their dreams, reach their fullest potential and be their happiest self.

We would love to hear from you, answer your questions and learn about your own hopes and dreams for your life and your child’s.

Our deepest thanks and best wishes,

Janna & Simon