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Meet Melissa and Patrick

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Where We Live

We live in West Marin, California on a beautiful property where Patrick runs an outdoor science school.

Where We Work

Patrick works for Marin County Department of Education. Melissa is a well-respected yoga teacher in the Bay Area.

Happy Places

The Mountains of the High Sierra, Oracle Park where the San Francisco Giants play, and visiting our families

Best Vacation

New Zealand for our honeymoon

Fun Facts

Melissa has been to every US State except for Hawaii. Patrick was in the Peace Corps in Moldova.

Hi there, we are Patrick and Melissa McLaughlin.

We live in West Marin, California on a beautiful property that Patrick manages for Marin County Department of Education. Melissa teaches yoga in the Bay Area and has a flexible schedule with lots of time for family and baby care.

We are so excited to be on this journey. We’d love to hear about your greatest hopes for the life of your child. We value education, adventure, and time with those we love. We have time and so much love to share in our home.

We’d be honored for you to take a little time to learn more about us and why we want to be parents.

Nice to Meet You

Thank you for taking time to read a little about our lives and why we want to be parents. We have been married for six and half years, and call West Marin, California our home. We met in 2007 when we were teaching and connecting kids to nature at an outdoor school in Southern California. We started off as great friends and our relationship deepened after Melissa was in China for a year working as an English teacher. Patrick came to visit and we traveled for two months through the country together. We fell in love and have been together ever since! We love exploring the outdoors, traveling, listening to music, taking the ferry to Giants games, and building our home and community together. We are extremely blessed to have the loving support of our close friends and family on our pursuit to grow our family through open adoption.


Melissa grew up all over the US. Born in Texas, she lived in five different states before graduating high school. She comes from a big family and is the oldest of four siblings- with a younger sister and two younger brothers. Her parents are still happily married and regularly come to visit the Bay Area.

Melissa is curious and considers herself fortunate to have had patient parents who nurtured her many questions of “How?” and “Why?” when she was growing up. This curiosity led to her being a philosophy and political science student at Boston University. She enjoys traveling, hiking, long distance running, and cooking. In her free time you can usually spot her devouring a good book in a sunny spot in the yard. She’s always had a love for reading and has a little collection of her favorite childhood books ready to share.

Melissa is going to be a great mother in-part because of her genuine easy-going presence, spirited sense of humor, and a natural ability to communicate and connect with people. She is loyal, resilient, and has a strong character. As a “student of life”, teaching has always come easy to her and she can’t wait to teach a child about the beauty this world has to offer. Melissa is a well- respected yoga teacher and personal trainer in the Bay Area. Her students appreciate her approachability, depth of knowledge, and creativity. Her flexible class schedule gives her lots of time for her family and taking care of a baby.


Patrick is the youngest of four boys and comes from a large extended family. He was born in Illinois, but lived in Southern California most of his life. Strong family values were given to Patrick from the beginning, mainly from his parents who are approaching their 60th wedding anniversary. One of Patrick’s most influential life experiences came when he joined the Peace Corps after college. This is where Patrick first discovered his love for teaching and the joy he gets from serving others. After completing his service in the Peace Corps, Patrick traveled through India and Nepal where his curiosity and interest in different cultures, ideas, landscapes, and philosophies blossomed.

Patrick is going to make a great dad. He is a very kind person, who cares deeply about others. He is compassionate, a great listener, and has a strong moral compass. He loves jokes and riddles, playing guitar with friends, and being outside. He has been known to play a mean game of Yahtzee and has an endless supply of dad jokes ready to go! He is a life learner, always desiring to grow and understand the world around him. He is dependable, patient, and well grounded. Finally, and most important, he is great with kids and is extremely excited to soon share his life with a child.

Home on the Range

We live on a large property that has over 20 miles of trails, a pond, a beautiful creek, and tons of wildlife. You can see the Pacific Ocean from the highest hills on the property. We feel beyond lucky to call it our home and can’t wait to raise a child who can explore the trails with us. Patrick has about a three-minute walk or one-minute bike ride commute from our house to his office where he is the manager and principal of an outdoor school for 5th and 6th graders. Melissa has a short drive into the neighboring towns of Point Reyes Station, Petaluma, and Novato to see her students. We love living so close to community activities, local libraries, great schools, and incredible local food!

Parenting Together

We believe it takes a community to support a life and can’t wait to share the incredible cast of characters we’re so lucky to call our family and friends with a child. We have 11 nieces and nephews and many other friends with kids who call us “Aunt” and “Uncle.” We love being able to spark wonder, encourage self-awareness, and advocate compassion in others, especially children.

We are confident that we will learn and grow through the experience of being parents. We know it won’t always be easy, but we will strive to root the journey in communication, understanding, gratitude, joy, and lots of love. Family and community are of the highest importance to us. As a couple, we consider each other as teammates in all our endeavors from life struggles, spiritual growth, career advice, adventure planning, and hopefully soon as parents. We are still working on whose responsibility it is to do the dishes after dinner. ☺

Thank You

We have immense compassion for you as you are considering adoptive parents for your child. We promise that in all of life’s twists and turns we will be there to help him or her learn, grow, and become a good and kind human being in this world. We can also promise that we will lead with love, the essential ingredient from which all the best things grow, and raise him or her knowing about how much love was in your decision. Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story and we look forward to hopefully meeting you and learning more about the dreams you have for your child.