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Meet Roderick and Matthias

Where We Live

San Francisco, California

Favorite Holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas and any occasion that brings our family and friends together

Happy Places

space on a beach with a good book, our backyard when it is sunny enough to BBQ, our dining room table on game night

Best Vacation

driving through Tuscany in a rental car after eating pizza, pasta, and gelato in Florence

Fun Facts

Roderick has near perfect pitch; Matthias can't carry a tune in a bucket. They both like to sing.

Hello, and thank you for taking a moment to get to know us.  Happily married for 5 years, we are a couple living in San Francisco looking to introduce a child to our home.  Firmly established in our careers, we are eager to become new dads and have a great network of family and friends that are already mothers and fathers to help us grow into these new roles.  We want to hear your story and how an open adoption might connect our stories.

Our Life

We live in a historic home in San Francisco.  From the back porch, we can see the Bay. In our backyard, we have a garden where we grow lemons and many vegetables. The kitchen and dining room are the central parts of our home, and we enjoy having friends over to cook together and play board games. We have very close friends in the Bay Area that we see regularly through fun get-togethers like dinner parties, road trips and, of course, game night. Every year, we also host a big family holiday for either Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Our entire family from Germany, Switzerland and the United States come together to celebrate our long-standing family traditions, whether it be a big, American Thanksgiving with all the trimmings, or a three-day celebration in splendid German fashion with tasty homemade cookies by Matthias’ mom.

About Matthias, by Roderick

Matthias was born in Germany. He is the elder of two children and has fond memories from his childhood that include spending a lot of time outdoors, roaming in the woods, and playing tennis with his friends and brother. Having graduated from college, he went on to earn his medical degree.  Matthias has always been drawn to science and has worked as a physician and as a cancer researcher. Hiking, skiing, playing tennis, and spending time on the beach are the activities that Matthias enjoys most! He moved to the United States in 2011 and landed in San Francisco in 2013. In his life, Matthias has learned that goals in life are important, and you can develop into the person you truly are if you are willing and able to revise your goals and take opportunities.

About Matthias, by Roderick

A good husband should also be a good friend, and Matthias is a true and loyal friend to me.  He pushes me to be the best person I can and supports me wholeheartedly in everything that I do, from learning German to better communicate with his family, to continuing to play volleyball, to helping me to overcome my fear of open water so we can enjoy activities like snorkeling and body boarding together.

About Roderick, by Matthias

Roderick was born in Alabama.  Roderick is the eldest of three.  He spent so much of his childhood reading and studying for the spelling bee that his parents had to force him to go outside.  In the fourth grade, Roderick was selected for a scholarship program for gifted children and left home to study abroad in England.  He’s always been one to study hard and enjoyed finding time to practice saxophone and compose music while also being involved in competitive sports.  After attending Yale University, earning degrees in chemistry and music, he completed his Ph.D in organic chemistry. He began teaching and strives to provide his students with the best science education possible. Playing volleyball, studying German, reading,  and listening to music are the things that Roderick enjoys most!

About Roderick, by Matthias

The first thing everybody notices about Roderick is his warm, big smile. He has an incredible ability to connect to people at first sight and to build trust very quickly and profoundly. So it is not surprising that many of my best and dearest friends have also become close friends with him. 

On Being Parents

We have created a loving life together and we look forward to surrounding a little one with joy, patience, and fun.  We know parenting will not be easy, or always fun, but we are ready to rise to that challenge and share our loving community.  Our faith and love for one another will support us in parenting together with understanding. Our love for education will help to spark curiosity in a child and we will take every opportunity to show him or her adventures that will nurture and grow that curiosity. We believe children should learn about the world and themselves, through conversation, reading and travel.  They should be exposed to different cultures and experiences through food, music, play, and museums. We will encourage a child to play, create, and have fun through games, sports and art, and help him or her to love themselves and to care for others. Also, building resilience so that they learn to face difficult times with grace and resolve is important in this world.

Our Extended Family

Our family is both traditional and a bit unconventional.  We visit Matthias’s family in Germany every year and use FaceTime and WhatsApp to stay in touch in between those visits.  Roderick’s family is in the southeastern United States, and his mom comes to the Bay Area to visit for her birthday and/or Thanksgiving every year while also chatting weekly with the two of them.  The distance makes it difficult to see a lot of blood relatives, but the two have assembled a close-knit group of friends that provide so much love and support that they feel like family.  The dinner table at our house expands to fit eight people and we often have dinners, holiday events, birthday parties, and game nights around it to celebrate our “family.”  This family provides us with brothers and sisters in California, the midwest, and New England that have honored us three times with the title of godfather and a few times more the title of uncles to their children.  We are truly blessed to have all of these loving people in our lives.

In Closing

Please know that we begin this journey to grow our family through open adoption from a place of love.  We believe that a child who is shown love and unconditional support will thrive in this world and be better able to navigate life’s challenges as they arise. We look forward to hearing from you and learning about the dreams that you have for your child.