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Birthmother Ardena Shares Her Adoption Journey

Making the Decision

I was really undecided about placing my baby for adoption. I called Adoption Connection to learn more about the adoption process. The adoption counselor I spoke to one the phone spent time getting to know me and my situation. They helped me consider all my options. And they answered my questions with honesty. I instantly felt that I could trust them and that they had my best interest at heart. I never felt pressure working with Adoption Connection. I always felt that they would support my decisions.

Creating the Adoption Plan

I looked through the paperwork that Adoption Connection sent me and met with my adoption counselor in person to share my hopes and dreams for my ideal adoptive parents. I looked through a lot of parent profiles, and when I read about Susie and Paul and saw their pictures, I knew that they were the exact people that I wanted to raise my baby. I asked my adoption counselor if I could meet them since I wanted to have an open adoption.

Meeting the Adoptive Family

When I met Susie and Paul, they instantly felt like family to me. They helped me out through every step of my pregnancy. Susie went to my doctor’s appointments with me, and we made plans for what would happen at the hospital when I went into labor and what would happen after the baby was born. We also agreed on what kind of future contact we would have so that we could all stay in touch.

Moving On, Yet Staying In Touch

People ask me if it’s hard to see Sierra now with her new family, and it’s almost the opposite. It feels so good to see her and how happy she has made everyone. Sierra’s parents have treated me with respect every step of the way. They tell her that I am her birthmother. They feel that it will be healthy for Sierra to know who I am and to know where she came from. I can see now that Sierra has so much more than what I could have given her myself. I feel blessed to be part of something this incredible.

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