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4 Tips for Starting an Adoption Search and Reunion

Considering an adoption search and reunion as an adult adopted person? Here are a few options for you as you get started. With adoption search and reunion stories popping up in the media recently, as in the hit TV show This is Us or movies like Lion, adult adoptees may find themselves considering (most likely

An Adoption Story – The Road to Everett

A touching reflection on one family's adoption journey - written following their son's 10th birthday. Some families might come to the decision to adopt as a natural idea that was their first choice and no other options have to be pursued. Others arrive at the adoption threshold after a long and trying journey--

A Holiday Wish for Birth Parents

As families gather during the holidays, our thoughts are with birth parents - sending you peace, love and good will. The holidays can be a difficult time for some individuals and families as they gather together and take stock of the year and what has been gained and what has been lost. Sometimes the absence of a relative is felt acutely, though many families do not name the loss out loud

Managing the Adoption Wait During the Holidays

The holidays can be stressful enough, but can be especially hard for parents waiting to adopt a baby. For many among us, including those waiting and hoping to become parents, the holiday season does not lead to automatic cheer, joy or peace. The season, with its emphasis on children and family, can bring loneliness and heartache to many in the midst of an adoption journey.

Who Gets to Name an Adopted Child?

Naming a baby is so elemental and so often the first mark of parenthood—of course people have really big feelings about it. At Adoption Connection’s Preparation for Adoption workshops, few topics set people wanting to be parents more on edge than the naming question…

“Am I Black?” – Navigating Transracial Adoptive Parenting

“Am I black?” My seven year old daughter asked me this last summer. We had just returned from our annual week at a social justice-oriented camp run by our faith community and this summer the focus was on the Black Lives Matter movement.

How an Annual Family Picnic Helped Build a Stronger Adoption Community

When I think of National Adoption Month the word “family” comes to mind. Its definition has changed significantly for me through the years, becoming broader to include relatives gained through biology, marriage, adoption, and friendship.

The Value of Open Communication and Flexibility During and After Delivery

Everything is going smoothly. The birth family and adoptive family are communicating about the birth, ongoing contact, and even baby names! And then suddenly there’s an unintended hiccup, tears are shed by both families, and there is confusion and hurt feelings
transracial adoption

Open Adoption: Research Finds No Confusion for Adopted Kids

When Adoption Connection opened its doors over 30 years ago, open adoption was starting to blossom, but still in its infancy. As one of the first adoption agencies focused on open adoption, we found ourselves working to correct three common misperceptions, many of which are still common today.

The Adoption Wait

You’ve written out your answers to a thousand intrusive questions during your adoption homestudy. You’ve submitted your fingerprints, seen your doctor, put up the extra smoke detectors, and swept up all the dust bunnies in a panic before the homestudy caseworker arrives.
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