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Choosing an Adoptive Family

Who will love my baby as much as I do? Many pregnant women considering adoption find themselves asking this question.

Adopting a Drug-Exposed Baby: Making the Decision

Many adoptive families looking to adopt a baby through open adoption will at some point find themselves sitting down to fill out detailed questionnaires about what kind of baby they envision adopting. Sue and Jeff* decided to consider a birthmother who had used drugs during her pregnancy.

12 Tips in Adopting a Drug-Exposed Baby

Research, research, research. Talk to professionals – pediatricians, neonatologists or genetic counselors.  They can help you feel comfortable with your decision.

Captured in Poetry, Two Adoptions

I recently had the pleasure of working with a 19-year-old birthmother, Allis, who herself was adopted at birth by her parents, Paul and Christina. Her adoptive parents were very supportive of her decision to place her unborn son in an open adoption and heard about a wonderful family in Colorado looking to adopt.
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Finding Neil, My Birth Father

Her eyes bulge and take up most of the space on her round face. Her thinning, blond hair stands up in places like pieces of fine straw. My birth mother looks over 60, but she is not a day over 45.

Doulas in Adoption – Wanting to be Helpful

Adoption Connection participated in a wonderful evening sponsored by the Bay Area Doula Project. It was a panel discussion organized to bring adoption information to the doula community and local reproductive rights organizers and supporters.
adoption lifebook

Creating an Adoption Lifebook

An adoption Lifebook, or adoption storybook, is a handmade scrapbook and keepsake that chronicles and illustrates a child’s journey to his or her adoptive home. It is used as a source of information as well as a way to open up the discussion of adoption with a child.

Making the Adoption Decision

For women coming to terms with an unplanned pregnancy, the first step in the decision-making process often involves a visit to a family planning clinic, hospital, or the home of a trusted friend.

Adoption and Secondary Infertility

By the time their first child was four, Abigail and Sam had experienced two painful miscarriages and diagnosed with secondary infertility. Rather than continue medical treatment, the couple turned to Adoption Connection to help expand their family.

Needing Someone Who Will Listen

An unplanned pregnancy can bring up many different emotions. When Cricket unexpectedly discovered that she was pregnant, she decided immediately to make an adoption plan for her baby.
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