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Ellen Roseman

Remembering Ellen Roseman

Ellen Roseman, a strong and important presence in open adoption for the past 30 years, sadly passed away April 20th, 2013. Ellen will be remembered for her tireless advocacy for open adoption records and helping birthparents and adopting parents create meaningful relationships throughout their lives. While always professional, Ellen often went the extra step, bringing birthparents into her home when extra care and tenderness were needed. She was a lovely, lively, and enthusiastic person. Many of us on the Adoption Connection staff enjoyed the wonderful privilege of meeting with her and birthparents at her home, where there was always good food (she often made us lunch), great coffee, and a warm and inviting feeling. Some of our fondest memories are of going to meet a birthmother at Ellen’s during the Christmas holidays. Her house would be beautifully decorated with an abundance of holiday decorations to warm the heart of any visitor. It was like stepping into Santa’s Workshop.

Behind the scenes, one night Adoption Connection’s co-director went out dancing with her husband to the Starlight Room at the top of the St. Francis Hotel only to run into Ellen on a date. They talked about their love for dancing, and later Ellen shared her total obsession with Zydeco dancing. She was a woman of many talents and passions.

Ellen was a respected leader in the field of open adoption. All the happy, healthy families of open adoption she helped create are her legacy.

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